An indepth look at life outside of KC

We are here and getting somewhat familiar with our surroundings – I got lost for the 2nd time in 4 days just yesterday so I am marking this as a good thing!


1. The weather is much warmer than in KC and I won’t have to bundle up for zero below weather…

2. Driving here is much like me driving the race cars at Dave and Busters – cut people off, tailgate, take curves at a dangerously high speed, and cuss – a lot.

3. There are more trees here and they tend to block your view of street signs.

4. There are mountains.  We could see Mt. Hood yesterday which was pretty fantastic.  We were heading down some street and there right in front of us was Mt. Hood.  We were only a couple of blocks away from where we live and I am sure if they would cut down the trees outside of our windows we would probably be able to see it…but we do live in a very environmentally friendly state…

5. We live in a very environmentally friendly state.  There are recycling programs for everything.  There is even a protected wetland near our house.

 So – differences are pretty good except for the driving bit but I think that will be a matter of getting used to it.  We are having our new sofa delivered today…just trying to figure out what we are going to do with the old stuff.  Doug also had his first flight today – they call it the introductory flight and he was all smiles when he got home.  He also came home bearing a huge bouquet of flowers….I kind of like this flying thing!  He also had much more control over the entire thing, more so than his last flight.  He got to fly around downtown Portland and back to Hillsboro.  Pretty damn cool.

While he was having fun flying around the city I went in for an interview with an insurance staffing firm.  First, I hate all the paperwork involved but at least I didn’t have to watch any videos.  The lady that I am working with was so wound up I almost started laughing, especially when one of her comments was that she felt a little dizzy – my thought was “I would be too if I didn’t breath for 30 minutes”.  I always think interviews with staffing firms are pretty pointless.  They never give a real interview anyway.  It is just an opportunity for them to make sure that you don’t look like you would walk in and kill your co-workers and besides that, I don’t think they really learn anything from the interview.  Mrs. “I feel dizzy because I am talking to fast and to much” also informed me that Portland has a very high cost of living and that the salaries don’t match.  Great.  I knew this a bit before I got there but once she told me that getting my old salary in the insurance field would be pretty much impossible since she can’t place people with 15 years experience at that salary….and my old salary was only around $48k – 15 years experience should be getting you at least that if not more….as long as I can pay the bills, right?

I do have another interview tomorrow with a staffing firm.  We’ll see how that one goes.

 Mr. Dodo is starting classes tomorrow afternoon.  He had to get his medical done first and that is scheduled tomorrow morning and then classes in the afternoon.  He will have 2 hours ground instruction and then I think he flies again.  I’m jealous!

We did find a pretty good Mexican restuarant near us last night.  They are very friendly and I’ll learn my spanish just by eating there.  They say everything in Spanish and then follow with English.  I almost messed up my limited Spanish of course by answering in my limited French.  I caught myself in time. Good thing.

The funniest comment I have heard thus far:  We went shopping for some new furniture and we told the sales lady that we had just moved here from Kansas City.  Her reply was “oh, this must be quite a culture shock for you”.  Wow….

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One Comment on “An indepth look at life outside of KC”

  1. sa rah Says:

    it must be quite a culture shock for you?
    yeah, we don’t have Mexican restaurants in Kansas.

    You gotta love/hate the coastal peeps.

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