Scary movies

So – our good friends over at Devious Bloggery are hosting a scary movie film fest this weekend.  Glad I moved to Portland…I am not the scary movie type. 

The old black and white vampire movies scare the bejeezus out of me while others laugh at them.  It took me about 6 times to get through the first 5 minutes of Scream (one time after trying to watch it I drove to my mom’s house and had to call her from my car – sitting in her driveway – for her to come outside and make sure I go in okay).  After insisting that I could watch Pet Semetary without getting scared – my parents kindly dropped a friend and I off at the theater and a little while later had to come pick me up because I couldn’t make it through the entire film, and after watching Twilight Zone in the theater at a tender young age – I had nightmares for months.  Still do actually, and believe it or not (most of you will believe it) when flying I always try and sit as far away from the wing as possible….still freaks me out. 

My first big fight with my husband (was not my husband at the time of said fight) was when I decided that I would brave watching a scary movie (actually – he just said that he kind of forced me to watch it…meany)…anyway, I am a pacer when it comes to scary movies.  I must leave the room then come back and then go right back out again – I cannot sit down and watch a scary movie (unless I have blankets up to my eyeballs and a big butcher knife in my hand just in case the creapy scary guys actually do come to my door).  We got in a fight because I could not just sit and watch the movie…he has never seen a scary movie in my presence since.

By the way the movie was Identity – the John Cusack movie – I only watched it because I love John Cusack…bastard.

This was 3 years ago. 

 So this is one reason that I am glad that I moved to Portland – I will bypass a very huge fight with my husband (and potentially all of his/my friends) and I go one more year without seeing a scary movie and having nightmares for the next 6 months.

But in honor of Devious Bloggery’s Scary Movie Filmfest – tell me your all-time favorite scary movie…and maybe I will let Doug watch it….

 without me. 

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2 Comments on “Scary movies”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I freakin’ hate scary movies too! I can’t watch them either. In fact I was just working and looked over at the TV during a commercial for the Omen – I am terrified now! I will turn the sound up next time so I don’t look at the wrong time…

  2. Moore Says:

    Hellraiser! That is the GREATEST horror flick of all time… or at least in my book. Poltergeist scaried the blazes out of me when I watched it in the theater.

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