Before, During & Recently

Okay – found the battery charger and found the link for the ‘puter.  So enjoy this picture montage of our time before, during and recently…this is just a few…

pict1793.JPG The last girl’s night with me…

 Trouble  Trouble

Keltiger, Terrafirma, and Me Keltiger, Terrafirma and Me at my surprise birthday party – My hubby did good.  Surprised me at Boozefish in Westport (KC) – this is the place where we first met (for the 2nd time).

pict1799.JPG The Maggie B refused to leave my side or the car.  She definitely made sure she was not going to be left behind.

 pict1814.JPG We made a quick stop in Salina, KS to visit the grandparents and to pick up some furniture…like we really needed anymore but hey – some cool pieces.

pict1820.JPG Our 1st Anniversary…on the road…this was outside of Denver. 

pict1823.JPG  Nice view – again on the north side of Denver.

pict1844.JPG  Just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.


Celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary at Undine Falls in Yellowstone National Forest…where it all began.  It was pretty cool to be back there so soon and pretty cool we were there for our 1st Anniversary.

 pict1919.JPG A Buffalopict1985.JPG This was taken in the calderra of the park.  I just really really liked the fact that everything surrounding this river was browns and golds and then the grass in the river was this bright green.  This river was part of a hot spring thus getting the bright green of the grass. pict2058.JPG The Maggie B’s first beach experience.

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3 Comments on “Before, During & Recently”

  1. sa rah Says:

    great pics!
    MORE! 🙂

    They make me miss you kids more.
    (I think I know what my next road trip is.)

  2. Javagirl Says:

    Don’t bother road tripping it! It takes 3 days to drive out here (without a truck) and that means less time with us. Just keep checking airline prices…much cheaper (at times) and more time with us!! 🙂

  3. Staci Jepsen Says:

    These pictures are great and I agree with Sarah about missing you more just seeing them. Maggie looks like she is having a blast! The collar worked!! 🙂 I love the picture of the 3 of us – we definitely look like we are up to no good (as usual)

    Take care sweetie!! Love ya!

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