Another cute one

Maggie B and the Pacific Ocean 

Maggie B enjoying the view.


At the end of the beach in Pacific City there is a GINORMOUS sand dune.  Poeple parasail of the top of it and they also bring their snow boards and board down it.  We saw one guy trying to parasail down and it was quite the climactic buildup and then he didn’t quite get the wind and got his chute tangled…

It is also quite the workout getting to the top of it.  The sand is incredibly deep.  Maggie enjoyed it and had a lot of fun as did Dodo of course…especially going down leaping like a gazelle – not as lithe – but he had the leaping down.

This will definitely be a place we take people when they visit us.  It is awesome.  You can also watch the whale migration in Dec/Jan as well as in March.  I’m definitely going then.  I think when my Momacita and Yaya join us for Christmas we’ll head out there and see if we can catch any whales.  I’m sure Yaya will love it as will Momacita – but seeing a two year olds face when she experiences something for the first time is unforgettable.

Check out this website – it gives information on the area of Pacific City and I have already checked out beach rentals.  They are actually very reasonable since you are splitting it with several people.  So come on out people.  There is only so much exploring one can do before one gets bored because they are not sharing the experience….

And now for your parting shot…. 


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