Our Dog is now a Portlander


She is official now…she has her rain coat.  Dodo wouldn’t let me get her rain boots though…I’ll find a way…

 By the way – you can see a little bit of our new sofa…I mean bed…I mean really really comfy sofa that acts as a king size bed.  It’s HUGE.  I promise to take more pictures of our place.  I’m just not in the mood quite yet, especially because we have white walls and I HATE HATE HATE white walls.  I feel like I have been institutionalized.  After living with these walls I may need to be.  I am trying to figure out things I can do to them without really painting them.  Hang fabric everywhere and make it look like a harem?  Buy really, really big pictures to hang? Move?



This is what my darling dodo of a husband is flying…


Just kidding…

This is one of the firefighting helicopters that Hillsboro Aviation owns.  My dodo of a husband just informed me that this is not the firefighting helicopter.  It is just some big-ass helicopter parked there.  And by the way – I don’t think my husband is a dodo in the negative sense…I just like using that phrase.

This is the one he is flying…pict2085.JPG

He is a flying dodo.


My left align button isn’t working so I will have really cool typing so you will have to bare with me while everything is centered.

Driving in Portland.  Don’t do it.  At least stay off of the highways and definitely away from log trucks.  There were two, count them two fatal wrecks in two days on the same highway near the same place – one of them involved a log truck that skimmed across the highway and then overcorrected.  The logs toppled out and landed on top of a car killing a 2-year old boy. Sorry – depressing but really – talk about road hazards and people don’t seem to care.  They still drive crazy.  I will not be going near I5 by Eugene.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  Every morning you hear about some big wreck – or at least this week you have.  When I am in interviews and they ask me if I have a preference of what area I want to work in, I have started telling them that as long as there is a way to get there that is not a highway then I am good.  Seriously.  I am not a timid driver by any means but really – come out here and drive.  I dare you.

And, while we are talking about log trucks, hasn’t anyone come up with a better way to transport the damn things?  Come on – have you ever driven past one before?  I would rather be late and going 20 mph on the highway than pass one.

So here is your mission if you choose to accept – develop another/better/safer way to transport logs.  It will be a contest.  I will post the best answer, someone who is in the industry will see it, and you’ll be rich.



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2 Comments on “Our Dog is now a Portlander”

  1. sa rah Says:

    “Dodo wouldn’t let me get her rain boots though”
    Jason wholeheartedly agrees with dodo 🙂

    but i think she looks great. like a canine gordman’s fisherman.

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