Beach Sunday

The Beach

We went back to the beach last Sunday as I said in a previous blog and I also promised in said previous blog that I would post more pictures.  It was definitely a brighter day than the weekend before and the waves were much bigger.  There were several surfers out there – I think in my previous blog I stated that I thought that it was pretty silly to surf these waves…but they didn’t have these particular waves the first time we went out.  This is supposedly a great place to surf, as the water comes in it breaks around the rock and makes big waves.  The tide was also much higher than it was the last time we went…we need to get nautical and understand how tides work…

Dodo and the Maggie B enjoying a run. 

I don’t know about you but I am relaxed now…

So – yesterday I told you a little bit about the staffing agencies here and how frustrated I was…well, I have a new perspective. 

I received a phone call from an agency that I had been trying to get into for a couple of weeks.  I had decided that they were very elitist in their way of doing business but sometimes in order to get the good jobs you must go the way of the elite – right?  They finally called me back yesterday morning and wanted me to come in to interview with their temporary staffing side.  I asked them if I could interview with the permanent side because that was really what I was looking for…they said I might once I got there but my background was not what they were looking for in the permanent side.  This is mainly because I did not have a particular title to go with one (insert job here) of my jobs – according to the girl I was speaking with.  I pled my case but she was not convinced and I still made an appointment. 

The rest of the day I was completely depressed because the market out here sucks and I am the type of person that is better in person than on paper.  You must be very creative when looking at my resume…

So – today I went for the interview.  Definitely not looking forward to it.  I filled out their mountain of paperwork, took my tests and then interviewed with the temp girl.  She was thrilled with everything and was genuinely glad I came in.  My background and skills were just what they were looking for AND she wanted me to interview with the permanent side….WHAT???

Basically – I need to remember that I do better in person and I will never get a job based on my resume and I must remember not to waste a day being depressed because I think that nobody likes me and wants to interview me.

Now – they just need to find me a job…please.

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One Comment on “Beach Sunday”

  1. dad Says:

    ‘sfun reading your blog…makes me feel homesick for oregon!

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