Sunday Trip

Each Sunday Dodo and I are trying to get out to explore since that is really the only day that neither one of us is doing much…unless he has a flight of course.  This past Sunday he cancelled his flight at 3pm so we could go out and meander around. 

Downtown was our plan.  We live about 10 minutes from downtown Portland which is nice.  It reminds me of our proximity to downtown KC and my hangouts from our house in Waldo.  The 10 minutes is only accurate though if you are driving on a Sunday, no accidents, no games, and there is no one in town to speak to a crowd. 

Downtown here is AWESOME.  It is beautiful, busy but not too busy, big but not too big, cultural, just AWESOME. There are parks that go about 4 or 5 city blocks which was just gorgeous this past Sunday.  The leaves were turning, it was brisk and cool, smelled of fall, and I had my coffee.  Couldn’t be more perfect.  There are also some “concrete” parks – pavilions – where we got to see a couple of girls protesting the war…really wish we had the camera.  There are a ton of stores of course – Nike Town, Columbia, Tiffany’s, Nordstroms, LV, etc.  We didn’t get to China Town – drove by but will definitely check that out next weekend (if it is not raining).  The art museum looks cool.  We parked a block from it and the Egyptian exhibit is coming November which I am really excited about.  We’ll definitely be back for that. 

Now you are probably wondering where the pictures are of this AWESOME downtown.  My husband remembered to take the camera but forgot to put the battery back in….ya…me too….

We still had a great time. I really wish that we could have found somewhere to live down there.  However, I don’t have 3,000 a month to spend on rent or 1.5mm to buy a loft.  Oh well…goals.

Next Sunday we’ll head downtown again and this time I will be in charge of the camera. 


I have an interview today with a IT company that staffs recruiters as well as IT people with different companies.  I am looking forward to it.  It is a project coordinator position within the corporate offices which is a 10 minute drive from our house.  Definitely something that I could do and it pays pretty well which is hard to come by in this town.  I am also working at our complex on Saturdays – interesting.  The nice thing about this is instead of getting paid we get a deduction from our rent.  It is very interesting though working there.  You get to meet your neighbors – some you would like to meet and some your not to sure of but all in all it is a decent gig and it saves us money in rent. 

Oh – and Dodo wanted me to let you know that my description of an autorotation and a quick stop were not accurate.  So I am not going to be posting any explanations of what he is doing – I’ll only be posting what he is doing and if you want the explanation, link to his site (it is under my blogroll – friends & family).

So what is Dodo doing?? Working his tiny ass off.  He flies, he has class, he studies.  He will have his private pilot license by the end of December.  Then it is on to commercial and instrument and then his CFI (certified flight instructor).  After he has that hopefully the school will hire him to be an instructor and if not then he starts applying to other schools and we go from there.  Hopefully though he gets the position at the school. 


Since we have no pictures of downtown…here is one to tide you over….

One year, 29 days and going strong…

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