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Check this out

29 November, 2006


I thought we moved…

29 November, 2006

away from KS/MO cold winters, snow, ice and that bitter bitter wind…

Not so much this week.  It has snowed in the Portland Metro area the past two days and we are expecting an ice storm late tonight so that commute into work will be a fun trip.  I don’t mind driving in snow – ice though is another sort of beast. It is not worth buying studded tires that you need for a day or chains that you have to put on yourself. 

Everyone around us is saying that the weather has been really wacky so far…maybe Al Gore is right.

 So folks, maybe tomorrow will be my snow/ice day….but hopefully not since I have a deadline tomorrow….and this is a new job.

Seriously people

25 November, 2006

Check this out

This freestanding accessory for the Impressa Z-series espresso machines features a convection heating system that quickly brings cups to the optimal serving temperature. Constructed largely of frosted glass with sculptural lines, it holds up to 24 espresso cups or 16 coffee cups. 7 1/2″ x 16″ x 13 3/4″ high. A Williams-Sonoma exclusive. 
Price tag: $999.95

It is a fucking cup warmer.  Do you know what you can do with $999.95?  A LOT!  And why in the hell do they have it priced this way?  Do they think that if they put $1000 people wouldn’t buy it because it is too expensive?  

Are they trying to go with the same psychology of pricing your home to sell?  No don’t put 200,000 ask for 199,900 – it will sell quicker….

Dodo’s butt would warm it up quicker than this thing although I don’t think 24 espresso cups would fit…I will try it though for $999.95.

By the way – the espresso coffemaker is only $3599.  So for a total of, let me see here, a fucking lot – you can make a cup of coffee AND warm your mug. 

All of you have dirty little minds!

25 November, 2006

I know I just posted about 5 minutes ago…but a lot has happened.  Actually, not a lot has happened but I have been enlightened.  I took a look at my “comments stats” and see that the blog I wrote – Ground School – So Dirty – got the most comments. 

What does this say about you – the reader?

I guess my request for Christmas memory makers is not going to work…you guys are so dirty…

The days after Thanksgiving

25 November, 2006

To start off – I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! It was pretty quiet here in Portland.  We mainly took care of the Maggie B but did manage to get out for dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s.  They started in Portland and I was excited to go but it turned out that it felt more like going to Furr’s Cafeteria rather than McCormick and Schmick’s.  It was dark and gloomy and not so nice inside.  It was fine but not up to my standards.  Plus they don’t serve the chocolate bag except in summer.  They lost even more points for that.  I was really looking forward to that part of the meal – well, and being in nice surroundings.  The only good thing was being with my husband. 

We haven’t done much – although it has been sunny for 2 days in a row!  YEA!  I got out a little yesterday to run errands and enjoyed finally bringing out my sunglasses.  It has been forever and I do so love my sunglasses. 

Doug is finally doing his stage check tomorrow (of course dependent on the weather).  All of you need to go to his blog and tell him to start writing consistently.  Even I am getting a little angry with him…I’m tired of looking at the same post every day! 

It sounds like our friends are good – of course made phone calls yesterday.  J & Sa rah got their package from us – actually it was all for Ro.  Dodo and I found the best outfit for him.  It is a little onesy with a helicopter on the front, over-alls with an aviation feel to them and an aviator jacket.  Too cute!  I was hoping to find a regular t-shirt with the helicopter on the front for Cam and Coop but we were out of luck.  All they had were onesy’s and they are big boys now!  We’ll keep an eye out for them!  We’ll keep our eyes open though so the boys can be like their Uncle Dodo…

Only 1 month until my Mom and Yaya are here!!!  SO EXCITED!!!!  I have been trying to come up with things to do – there are so many things to do – while they are here.  I think that we will first hit the zoo and children’s museum.  The children’s museum is supposed to be awesome.  Totally interactive and they have rooms for even small babies.  Very cool.  I am hoping that we get out to the Aquarium.  It is a couple of hours away but I think it will be well worth the drive.  It is on the coast south of us.  It looks great. 

I’ve been talking about my Mom and Yaya coming in town but haven’t mentioned that my Dad will be in town as well – sorry Pops!  I think that I will be putting him to work putting Christmas decorations up – no grumbling Dad – and we will also do some fun activities with him.  We are heading up to Seattle the weekend after he get’s into town for that Bodies exhibition.  I am hoping to see my cousin for a bit and go to the market.  If you haven’t been to Seattle’s market go!  It is so much fun.  It will be a full day in Seattle – then I’ll put him to work!

I’m looking for things to do with Yaya when we are at home.  The types of things that you remember doing as a child – the memory makers.  I thought she could be our little chef and help with the spinach dip – then she can go home and make it for her mom’s deli!  What are your memory makers as a child for Christmas??  Share your story (I’m doing this in order to try and get you guys to write to me – well, I’m also wanting to know about your fun times…)  Just hit LEAVE COMMENT!!

What is my story?  I remember Saturday cleaning days with my Mom – her rocking out to the radio, helping in the garden with my Dad, making kosher dill pickles with my parents, doing the dishes with mom, making furniture with my Dad.  Geez – they really put me to work as a kid…It was mostly all fun 🙂

And we have an announcement here – One of my best-friends (Staci) got knocked up by her husband and they are expecting a little one in June.  YEA for them.  They get to hear the heartbeat December 5th and yes they are going to find out what it is but that won’t be for a little bit – she is 11 weeks this week and only a few more to go.  I am placing my bets on a boy – don’t fuck with me on this one – I have a knack for guessing correctly.  I haven’t been wrong and well, I am never wrong.  Oh – and if you have any friends that are pregnant or will be in the future, check out this website,  I wish I had known about it sooner!  Sa rah you would have loved some of the stuff – maybe next time right!  I sent Staci a care package and she loves the 1st trimester tea – great for sicky tummies.  And it also included body butter, butt balm, and tea for the 3rd trimester.  They are great gifts for the future Momma. 

I really hate not being in KC.  All of our friends have new babies or are having babies – it is very hard.  I especially wish I was there since Staci is pregnant – it is very hard.  Well, can’t talk about that now since I am tearing up and at work.  Can’t cry at work.

So – I’ll leave you on that note and work on an excel spreadsheet or something (for some reason spreadsheets make me stop crying)….you should do the same.

Love you all – Peace

Two months recuperation

20 November, 2006

That is a long time to be stuck in a kennel all day!  Maggie B had her surgery consult this evening and goes in for surgery tomorrow.  It was a LONG appointment.  Basically there are two types of surgeries that can be done and usually it is an easy decision – a small dog typically gets the conventional and a large dog gets what they call a TPLO surgery).  The Maggie B of course falls in the grey area.  After thinking about it she is going to get the conventional one.  I can’t justify spending $1,000 more on the TPLO surgery when she won’t receive any more benefit over the conventional. 

So, we are up early tomorrow morning dropping her off and will pick her up Wednesday evening for a lazy 4 days off.  She has to be restricted completely at home for 2 months.  Meaning she is in her kennel at all times for a few weeks then she can get out but only on a leash – even if she is just laying in the living room with us.  That is totally going to suck but in order for her to heal right it’s what we have to do.  So no more jumping on the bed with us…. 😦

She’ll be ready for the beach in spring though…

Happy Hour and a new Deli in KC.

18 November, 2006

I finally had some social interaction this past Friday as I went out with some co-workers for happy hour…it was so nice to go out and grab a drink and talk to someone other than Dodo – nothing against you baby but really 41 days talking and interacting with only you…I do love you and I am sure that if I was on a deserted island with only you I would be fine.  On that note, it is nice having someone with you that you don’t really get sick of – just because I want interaction with other people doesn’t mean I am sick of Dodo – I just want to make friends here since I miss mine so desparately.  If you are going to make a life change you damn well better be with someone that can make the change with you, support you, love you, talk to you, just be there when you are crying because you miss everything and everyone familiar…It is good to have a partner not just a husband.

Anyway, back to the happy hour…It was fun.  There is a restaurant/bar across the street from our office building – actually the same parking lot – so we met there and had a couple of drinks.  It was fun as all of us are transplants in different stages so we got to talk about trying to find new friends, the area, keeping in touch with friends.  It was good.  The job is awesome by the way.  The culture of my department and our office is so different that what I have been a part of – I won’t have to use Wiederanders Lysol to ward off weird bosses, co-workers, situations, etc.  By the way – I guess I haven’t really posted anything about what I am doing – official title is project coordinator.  I pretty much make sure that everything is in order with clients and sub-contractors that are on jobs.  The best thing about it is that I am actually treated like I matter.  Too many times I’ve been in really great positions but am considered “administrative” therefore you don’t sit in on meetings but get the information second-hand and usually inaccurate, everyone goes to someone else (someone with a higher title than you)first for things to be resolved or issues rather than coming to you first to take care of something that you have complete control over – just because you don’t have the title of manager.  This job – is different.  Even though I am doing the “back-end” of things I still play a major role in how a project goes with a client and how happy the engagement director and manager stay (i.e. making sure their financials are accurate).  I coordinate and I love it.  I am a born coordinator.  I am loving the fact that I am treated like one of the players because it is recognized I am a player.  I love having meetings where I am expected to contribute and where I have to plan for the actual meeting.  Yes, this all may sound really strange but seriously, I think that all of us have been in positions where we do so much that is important but because we don’t have the appropriate title we get treated like a schlub.  It is just nice to be recognized for the skills that you have and fit into a job so well.  I like my job. 

Also – everyone there is awesome and fun.  I have never heard so much laughter in an office before.

The Maggie B is doing well.  She is of course jumping up and down from the bed, running down the stairs, getting up really quick, going spastic – all the things that we don’t want her to do and what she won’t be able to do after surgery.  Hopefully she’ll be too doped up to do all of these things but boy – wherever we are, she wants to be.  I may be sleeping on the sofa for a while just to keep her calm and immobile.  She has surgery Tuesday…ugh…I am nervous.  She is 12 year’s old according to my sister-in-law (she has Maggie’s sister).  I have never agreed with her on the age but know she is right….it has taken me years to admit to this….mainly because I just think of Maggie as the puppy I brought home 8 years ago, I mean 10 – okay damn it – 12 years ago.  There are you happy?

Rain, Rain go away come back another YEAR! 

I saw the sun today.  It was out for a little bit.  It’s hiding again.

Dodo and I are heading up to Seattle tomorrow (hopefully) to see Bodies – The Exhibition.  Very controversial little thing happening.  Check out the website and learn all about it –  My cousin L is living in Seattle with her boyfriend J and I called them up to see if they wanted to go with us – oh it was too cute.

L: Hey Jesi, I thought you would be calling.  My mom told me she gave you our number.

J: Ya, how are you doing?

L: Good. So are you guys coming up tomorrow? (said with a little bit of hesitancy)

J: I’m not sure.  If we do make it up do you want to go with us?

L: ummmm…well….we are really not interested because J will probably throw up and I may as well.

J: (laughter) okay – sounds good – let’s just meet for coffee then…

I really don’t think you can be too squeamish with this exhibit.  I am excited though.  I think it will be fascinating.  Keltiger – you would LOVE this.  I know you probably have seen enough but it still would be cool.  I’ll let you know all about it.  If we don’t go tomorrow we are going to go mid-December.

Only a few days more than a month before my Mom and Yaya are here!!  I’ve been talking to Yaya on the phone lately when my Mom has her.  She doesn’t quite hold the phone up to her ear the whole time so she doesn’t hear much of what you are saying but just talks and talks.  It is so funny because she just mimicks what she hears other people saying on the phone.  You can’t quite understand the words but the inflections, sighs, etc. are dead on for how her Mom (Quiche) talks on the phone or me or Dodo.  She’ll give the understandable “Hi Jesi!” then go into a bunch of rambling then say “oh, okay then, bye”.  It is sooo very cute. 

Speaking of Quiche – please go visit her new Deli – West Plaza Deli.  It is on SW Trafficway on the west side of where they are building that new hotel, etc. on the Plaza.  It is in the little area with the travel agency.  You can’t miss it as SW Trafficway is one way (going south) right there.  Besides doing this full time she is also working a “normal” job full time and taking care of Yaya!  So – go support a local.  It will be well worth it. 

Well people – I must say this is the end of this blog.  I should have saved up so I had something to write about tomorrow or Monday.  I’ll come up with something.

Love and Peace Y