Senator Kerry’s botched joke

I was reading again this morning about Senator Kerry’s recent botched joke and how the White House is calling for an apology.  Everyone is up in arms about this comment belittling the soldiers in Irag – making them out to be dumb.  I didn’t get this from his line.  Knowing Kerry is against the war and pretty much against the White House I can see the joke in this statement.  I think he was pointing out the fact that the President meandered his way through school – not getting good grades – not studying hard – and look where it has him now.  In a war that is not being won – stuck in Irag.  He was trying to put the President down – ‘he never studied therefore he isn’t smart enough to know what to do to get us out of this mess’ – nothing more.

Just rhetoric from the White House again and trying to botch anything that John Kerry says.  I hope the American people don’t fall for these tactics again.  Do your own thinking.

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