A job…

finally.  I start on Monday working for an IT firm that specializes in high-end tech people.  It is a staffing firm that works on project specific staffing needs for major corporations and the government.  I will be a program coordinator doing all of the behind the scenes stuff for several projects within 2 different business units.  Definitely a great fit – love the project management stuff and I think it is a great opportunity.  Plus they seem awesome and a fun place to work.  Very excited to meet some people and get out of the house!!

Only 52 days until my Mom and Yaya are here!  I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!  Talk about hankerin’ for some 2 year-old time again!!!  I already have our week planned out.  Go to the Children’s Museum, the beach to see if we can spot any whale migrating, the zoo (if not rainy…ya right…), cuddling, lots and lots of cuddling, going to see Uncle Douggie fly the hel’copter, more cuddling. 

See now – don’t you want me to get just as excited about you coming to visit – well, book your damn ticket and I will cuddle with you too!!  We really wanted to get back home but that is not going to happen in the too near future.  Dodo is just too swamped with school and time is money…hopefully we can get back in April…but if you would like to come out earlier….

Rain – it has hit us.  The funny thing about it is that no one seems to be ready.  I don’t mean the ‘get out your raincoat’ ready but the ‘let’s not put a new roof on at the very beginning of our rainy season’ kind of ready.  An apartment complex got completely flooded because they decided to put a new roof on and subsequently we got 2 inches of rain.  So it caved in ceilings and electrical and unfortunately it is in a low-income housing area, so more than likely no one has renters insurance.  Also – I can’t believe the accidents.  Dodo and I were watching the news last night and still at 11pm at night you should have seen the traffic and the accidents – because it was raining.  You would think that people would not be so surprised…or a bit more careful…or knowledgable about driving in the rain.  Guess not.  Very interesting…

Only 52 days remaining until good times are had….

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2 Comments on “A job…”

  1. sa rah Says:

    CONGRATS Jesi! Sounds like a change of pace for you. Should be fun to try something new.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Wow, you’d think people would get used to driving in the rain. We want to come visit, but I am not sure how soon we will be able to come up since we are both in new jobs. Dan works most Saturdays and I know he would kill me if I went alone. But now that we know there is cuddling we will light a fire under our rears! 😉

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