Rain and Earthquakes…

So, it’s been raining a bit here.  The last time Portland had rain over an inch in one day for 3 days in the month of November was 1999.  In 1999 though, those three days were not consecutive.  This November is a bit of a different story…we have had over an inch of rain the last 3 days every day which means some serious flooding.  The coast of course is getting completely flooded and 101 (the scenic highway along the west coast) is shut down in parts.  There are also a couple of highways around here that have been shut down.  At least I work close and it is mainly uphill…

There was also an earthquake here last night.  It measured 2.7 and was 10 miles below ground.  It originated from the downtown Portland area so we could still supposedly feel it out here since we are not that far away…although I had no idea.  They had a couple last year as well in downtown and they were small like this one – which is good because it means it is letting of steam and not building up for a huge one. 

My first day at the new job went really well.  Everyone seems really great and I think it will be a great fit.

Dodo has been grounded for a couple of days due to the rain – he can still fly in rain of course but it just depends on the ceiling and it has been too low.  He has a couple flights scheduled tomorrow so hopefully he will be able to at least fly one of them.  He also had his first stage check this past weekend – the written portion and aced it.  He was extremely relieved and his instructor was thrilled.  Next he’ll have his stage check flight but that won’t happen until possibly this weekend (weather). 

We headed downtown this weekend and got some pictures but didn’t walk around too much.  It was pouring and all we really wanted to do was take pictures of what we saw the last time when we had the camera but no battery.  It was still really gorgeous though…I still need to get the pics downloaded and I’ll post them tomorrow.

 By the way – if any of you were wondering how the Maggie B likes her rain coat…she LOVES it and wants the boots to match!

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