Ground School – So Dirty

Last week Dodo sat down with me and we did “ground school” so he could practice teaching someone all about helicopters and flying.  The only thing I got out of it was that aviation terms are dirty…

Mast: a part of the male anatomy

Translating tendency: sexual orientation

Lift and thrust resultant: what may happen after having sex

Drag: Queen

Angle of attack: pick-up lines, missionary position, moves borrowed from the kama sutra

Torque: well, I am not going to explain this one

Fully articulated, semi-rigid, rigid:  You may just Talk about doing it, Try to do it, Or used viagra

Sympathetic resonance: Uncontrolled vibrations

Ground resonance: Squeaky bed

Low, medium, high frequency vibrations: The controls on a vibrator

Coning: It just sounds dirty 

Pendular Action: I can’t bring myself to say this one…it involves tea and bags

Translational lift: What happens on a very springy mattress or water bed

Transverse flow: not sure but I bet it is dirty

Mast bumping: I am laughing to hard to put anything down for this one…

Poor Dodo…

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4 Comments on “Ground School – So Dirty”

  1. Dodo Says:

    I never once thought of those terms as dirty joke material. Not until that ground lesson with my wife (crap, now that sounds dirty).
    Whether that’s a testament to my naivete, or to her debauchery, I don’t really know. Maybe I’m just losing my edge.
    Thankfully, ground school now involves weather, and I’m not seeing too many naughty terms with that material. Knowing my wife, though, she’ll probably find a way to make cumulonimbus and cold-front sound dirty.
    But, there is a lot of talk about moisture content.

  2. sa rah Says:

    i think this all attests to both your naivete and her debauchery. nice work Jes!

  3. javagirl Says:

    Oh I loved it. I especially can’t wait until we get into weather terms. Cumulolingus anyone?

  4. pooby Says:

    Transverse flow…isn’t that a really slurppy mouth to mouth?

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