Happy Hour and a new Deli in KC.

I finally had some social interaction this past Friday as I went out with some co-workers for happy hour…it was so nice to go out and grab a drink and talk to someone other than Dodo – nothing against you baby but really 41 days talking and interacting with only you…I do love you and I am sure that if I was on a deserted island with only you I would be fine.  On that note, it is nice having someone with you that you don’t really get sick of – just because I want interaction with other people doesn’t mean I am sick of Dodo – I just want to make friends here since I miss mine so desparately.  If you are going to make a life change you damn well better be with someone that can make the change with you, support you, love you, talk to you, just be there when you are crying because you miss everything and everyone familiar…It is good to have a partner not just a husband.

Anyway, back to the happy hour…It was fun.  There is a restaurant/bar across the street from our office building – actually the same parking lot – so we met there and had a couple of drinks.  It was fun as all of us are transplants in different stages so we got to talk about trying to find new friends, the area, keeping in touch with friends.  It was good.  The job is awesome by the way.  The culture of my department and our office is so different that what I have been a part of – I won’t have to use Wiederanders Lysol to ward off weird bosses, co-workers, situations, etc.  By the way – I guess I haven’t really posted anything about what I am doing – official title is project coordinator.  I pretty much make sure that everything is in order with clients and sub-contractors that are on jobs.  The best thing about it is that I am actually treated like I matter.  Too many times I’ve been in really great positions but am considered “administrative” therefore you don’t sit in on meetings but get the information second-hand and usually inaccurate, everyone goes to someone else (someone with a higher title than you)first for things to be resolved or issues rather than coming to you first to take care of something that you have complete control over – just because you don’t have the title of manager.  This job – is different.  Even though I am doing the “back-end” of things I still play a major role in how a project goes with a client and how happy the engagement director and manager stay (i.e. making sure their financials are accurate).  I coordinate and I love it.  I am a born coordinator.  I am loving the fact that I am treated like one of the players because it is recognized I am a player.  I love having meetings where I am expected to contribute and where I have to plan for the actual meeting.  Yes, this all may sound really strange but seriously, I think that all of us have been in positions where we do so much that is important but because we don’t have the appropriate title we get treated like a schlub.  It is just nice to be recognized for the skills that you have and fit into a job so well.  I like my job. 

Also – everyone there is awesome and fun.  I have never heard so much laughter in an office before.

The Maggie B is doing well.  She is of course jumping up and down from the bed, running down the stairs, getting up really quick, going spastic – all the things that we don’t want her to do and what she won’t be able to do after surgery.  Hopefully she’ll be too doped up to do all of these things but boy – wherever we are, she wants to be.  I may be sleeping on the sofa for a while just to keep her calm and immobile.  She has surgery Tuesday…ugh…I am nervous.  She is 12 year’s old according to my sister-in-law (she has Maggie’s sister).  I have never agreed with her on the age but know she is right….it has taken me years to admit to this….mainly because I just think of Maggie as the puppy I brought home 8 years ago, I mean 10 – okay damn it – 12 years ago.  There are you happy?

Rain, Rain go away come back another YEAR! 

I saw the sun today.  It was out for a little bit.  It’s hiding again.

Dodo and I are heading up to Seattle tomorrow (hopefully) to see Bodies – The Exhibition.  Very controversial little thing happening.  Check out the website and learn all about it – www.bodiestheexhibition.com  My cousin L is living in Seattle with her boyfriend J and I called them up to see if they wanted to go with us – oh it was too cute.

L: Hey Jesi, I thought you would be calling.  My mom told me she gave you our number.

J: Ya, how are you doing?

L: Good. So are you guys coming up tomorrow? (said with a little bit of hesitancy)

J: I’m not sure.  If we do make it up do you want to go with us?

L: ummmm…well….we are really not interested because J will probably throw up and I may as well.

J: (laughter) okay – sounds good – let’s just meet for coffee then…

I really don’t think you can be too squeamish with this exhibit.  I am excited though.  I think it will be fascinating.  Keltiger – you would LOVE this.  I know you probably have seen enough but it still would be cool.  I’ll let you know all about it.  If we don’t go tomorrow we are going to go mid-December.

Only a few days more than a month before my Mom and Yaya are here!!  I’ve been talking to Yaya on the phone lately when my Mom has her.  She doesn’t quite hold the phone up to her ear the whole time so she doesn’t hear much of what you are saying but just talks and talks.  It is so funny because she just mimicks what she hears other people saying on the phone.  You can’t quite understand the words but the inflections, sighs, etc. are dead on for how her Mom (Quiche) talks on the phone or me or Dodo.  She’ll give the understandable “Hi Jesi!” then go into a bunch of rambling then say “oh, okay then, bye”.  It is sooo very cute. 

Speaking of Quiche – please go visit her new Deli – West Plaza Deli.  It is on SW Trafficway on the west side of where they are building that new hotel, etc. on the Plaza.  It is in the little area with the travel agency.  You can’t miss it as SW Trafficway is one way (going south) right there.  Besides doing this full time she is also working a “normal” job full time and taking care of Yaya!  So – go support a local.  It will be well worth it. 

Well people – I must say this is the end of this blog.  I should have saved up so I had something to write about tomorrow or Monday.  I’ll come up with something.

Love and Peace Y

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One Comment on “Happy Hour and a new Deli in KC.”

  1. Ellen Says:

    I have heard that Bodies is so COOL! It is even featured in the new James Bond movie (Casino Royal). It looks really neat! Please let us know what you think! I will have to see when they are coming down our way.

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