Two months recuperation

That is a long time to be stuck in a kennel all day!  Maggie B had her surgery consult this evening and goes in for surgery tomorrow.  It was a LONG appointment.  Basically there are two types of surgeries that can be done and usually it is an easy decision – a small dog typically gets the conventional and a large dog gets what they call a TPLO surgery).  The Maggie B of course falls in the grey area.  After thinking about it she is going to get the conventional one.  I can’t justify spending $1,000 more on the TPLO surgery when she won’t receive any more benefit over the conventional. 

So, we are up early tomorrow morning dropping her off and will pick her up Wednesday evening for a lazy 4 days off.  She has to be restricted completely at home for 2 months.  Meaning she is in her kennel at all times for a few weeks then she can get out but only on a leash – even if she is just laying in the living room with us.  That is totally going to suck but in order for her to heal right it’s what we have to do.  So no more jumping on the bed with us…. 😦

She’ll be ready for the beach in spring though…

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