The days after Thanksgiving

To start off – I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! It was pretty quiet here in Portland.  We mainly took care of the Maggie B but did manage to get out for dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s.  They started in Portland and I was excited to go but it turned out that it felt more like going to Furr’s Cafeteria rather than McCormick and Schmick’s.  It was dark and gloomy and not so nice inside.  It was fine but not up to my standards.  Plus they don’t serve the chocolate bag except in summer.  They lost even more points for that.  I was really looking forward to that part of the meal – well, and being in nice surroundings.  The only good thing was being with my husband. 

We haven’t done much – although it has been sunny for 2 days in a row!  YEA!  I got out a little yesterday to run errands and enjoyed finally bringing out my sunglasses.  It has been forever and I do so love my sunglasses. 

Doug is finally doing his stage check tomorrow (of course dependent on the weather).  All of you need to go to his blog and tell him to start writing consistently.  Even I am getting a little angry with him…I’m tired of looking at the same post every day! 

It sounds like our friends are good – of course made phone calls yesterday.  J & Sa rah got their package from us – actually it was all for Ro.  Dodo and I found the best outfit for him.  It is a little onesy with a helicopter on the front, over-alls with an aviation feel to them and an aviator jacket.  Too cute!  I was hoping to find a regular t-shirt with the helicopter on the front for Cam and Coop but we were out of luck.  All they had were onesy’s and they are big boys now!  We’ll keep an eye out for them!  We’ll keep our eyes open though so the boys can be like their Uncle Dodo…

Only 1 month until my Mom and Yaya are here!!!  SO EXCITED!!!!  I have been trying to come up with things to do – there are so many things to do – while they are here.  I think that we will first hit the zoo and children’s museum.  The children’s museum is supposed to be awesome.  Totally interactive and they have rooms for even small babies.  Very cool.  I am hoping that we get out to the Aquarium.  It is a couple of hours away but I think it will be well worth the drive.  It is on the coast south of us.  It looks great. 

I’ve been talking about my Mom and Yaya coming in town but haven’t mentioned that my Dad will be in town as well – sorry Pops!  I think that I will be putting him to work putting Christmas decorations up – no grumbling Dad – and we will also do some fun activities with him.  We are heading up to Seattle the weekend after he get’s into town for that Bodies exhibition.  I am hoping to see my cousin for a bit and go to the market.  If you haven’t been to Seattle’s market go!  It is so much fun.  It will be a full day in Seattle – then I’ll put him to work!

I’m looking for things to do with Yaya when we are at home.  The types of things that you remember doing as a child – the memory makers.  I thought she could be our little chef and help with the spinach dip – then she can go home and make it for her mom’s deli!  What are your memory makers as a child for Christmas??  Share your story (I’m doing this in order to try and get you guys to write to me – well, I’m also wanting to know about your fun times…)  Just hit LEAVE COMMENT!!

What is my story?  I remember Saturday cleaning days with my Mom – her rocking out to the radio, helping in the garden with my Dad, making kosher dill pickles with my parents, doing the dishes with mom, making furniture with my Dad.  Geez – they really put me to work as a kid…It was mostly all fun 🙂

And we have an announcement here – One of my best-friends (Staci) got knocked up by her husband and they are expecting a little one in June.  YEA for them.  They get to hear the heartbeat December 5th and yes they are going to find out what it is but that won’t be for a little bit – she is 11 weeks this week and only a few more to go.  I am placing my bets on a boy – don’t fuck with me on this one – I have a knack for guessing correctly.  I haven’t been wrong and well, I am never wrong.  Oh – and if you have any friends that are pregnant or will be in the future, check out this website,  I wish I had known about it sooner!  Sa rah you would have loved some of the stuff – maybe next time right!  I sent Staci a care package and she loves the 1st trimester tea – great for sicky tummies.  And it also included body butter, butt balm, and tea for the 3rd trimester.  They are great gifts for the future Momma. 

I really hate not being in KC.  All of our friends have new babies or are having babies – it is very hard.  I especially wish I was there since Staci is pregnant – it is very hard.  Well, can’t talk about that now since I am tearing up and at work.  Can’t cry at work.

So – I’ll leave you on that note and work on an excel spreadsheet or something (for some reason spreadsheets make me stop crying)….you should do the same.

Love you all – Peace

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3 Comments on “The days after Thanksgiving”

  1. sa rah Says:

    actually, spreadsheets make me cry. damn you spreadsheet gods!

    my best holiday memories include listening to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas record with my mom and helping decorate the tree. Usually that night or afternoon had been spent making (and mostly decorating) Xmas sugar cookies. I even had this special little christmas apron that we got out every year when it was time to make our cookies. It had raccoons dressed in xmas gear on it. i loved that thing. Also, we cooked with my Easy Bake Oven, which in those days was a pretty gold color and had sweet microwave-like decals on it.

    I also loved watching It’s a Wonderful Life, which was on like ever night back in the days before NBC those greedy bastards, bought the exclusive rights. I was always a sucker for a Christmas redemption story. And the story of the bells and angel’s wings (i still think of that today at xmas time).

    I always loved making the house cozy for Christmas. I was a little Martha Stewart in the making… I don’t know what happened to her.

    (PS > Thank you soooo much for the outfit and helicopter toy. I can’t WAIT to get pics done with him in them. The jacket is so freaking cool — my baby’s a stylemaker thx to u.)

  2. javagirl Says:

    The easy bake oven part is awesome! I wish I had one…I also remember my mom wanting holiday music on while we baked and decorated. The best was the making of the fudge! She makes the best in the world…and I always got the great sugar high from licking the bowl after it was cool…YUM!! I totally need to learn how to bake…

    And your welcome for the outfit – I loved it and we were so excited about it! And thankfully we finally found a little kids toy – he is still too small to get anything out of it but he’ll love it eventually!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Decorating the tree and baking and decorating sugar cookies are my fondest xmas memories too! My mom and I still do the cookie thing – in fact she is planning our cookie making event for when I get home in a few weeks. You definately need to make xmas cookies with YaYa – even if you just get the break and bake sugar cookies, a few xmas cookie cutters and some frosting. She will love it – I promise!

    I still love Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and all of those other corny xmas cartoon shows. Dan got me the DVD set last year so now I can watch them whenever I want, because like Sarah mentioned the networks don’t air them like they used to. I would rent or tape Frosty or Rudolph, etc and watch them while you are baking and decorating. Aren’t you proud of me that I didn’t mention anything dirty… 🙂

    The helicopter outfit sounds too cute! Cooper just got a toy helicopter and he loves to run it along the floor shouting ‘vroom vroom’. He thinks it is a car because it has wheels. I keep trying to teach him to fly it through the air like Uncle Doug. He just laughs at me and puts it back on the floor and vroom vrooms away! 🙂

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