I thought we moved…

away from KS/MO cold winters, snow, ice and that bitter bitter wind…

Not so much this week.  It has snowed in the Portland Metro area the past two days and we are expecting an ice storm late tonight so that commute into work will be a fun trip.  I don’t mind driving in snow – ice though is another sort of beast. It is not worth buying studded tires that you need for a day or chains that you have to put on yourself. 

Everyone around us is saying that the weather has been really wacky so far…maybe Al Gore is right.

 So folks, maybe tomorrow will be my snow/ice day….but hopefully not since I have a deadline tomorrow….and this is a new job.

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One Comment on “I thought we moved…”

  1. sa rah Says:

    i think Mother Nature is putting out the Welcome mat for you. Just to help ease the transition a bit.

    or at least that’s what the optimist in me thinks. and let’s just talk her. nobody likes a pessimist.

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