My Dodo Can Fly…SOLO…Can yours?

3 December 2006 is in the history books in our house. 

Dodo flew SOLO today!!

I snuck up to the airport because I didn’t want him to know I was there and get all nervous…but I didn’t expect him to still be on the pad waiting to take off – but he was.  So I stayed in the car and hid the car behind a gas tank and waited to see him take off with his instructor for the west practice area where he would be soloing…I missed him because some doped up dude was trying to wedge a plastic bottle underneath the fence by the gas tanks.  I ended up going into dispatch to let them know…but of course not before I put the car into gear so I could ram him if he tried doing anything…he had a hand in a pocket and I figured if he tried lighting anything I could ram him before he got around to it…

He didn’t do anything other than take the bottle back and inhale…not sure what you can smoke in a plastic bottle…and why you would need to wedge it under a fence first…

Anyway…I am sure you all are dying to see some pictures right?

Well, here they are:

The Dodo taking off…SOLO

I need to take some more of your time because I feel it necessary to set the scene.  You see – as I was busy turning in the druggie/plastic bottle guy…Dodo had already taken off for the practice area.  I didn’t want to stand out on the tarmac because I wouldn’t be able to see much so I hopped in my car and took a road that runs adjacent to the airport.  I found the west entrance to the airport and parked my car right there as I was right in front of the practice area.  My camera isn’t that great so the shots are a little fuzzy because I enlarged and cropped them so I could get rid of the fencing I had in every shot…I’m very surprised that security wasn’t out there questioning me.  I had my cell phone in one hand and the camera and binoculars in the other. But I digress once again and Dodo is so much more interesting than me…

Hovering Dodo…SOLO

Going out just skimming along…SOLO

 Coming back around to the practice area and landing…SOLO…his instructor is down there in the yellow jacket

This is his ascent… SOLO

This is Dodo coming back in for a landing in the practice area…


(and this is a good look at one of my hiding places by the west practice area…well, the entrance is right there and I am sure they had cameras on me…)

Another look at him coming back around for a landing…SOLO

 A Dodo dot in the sky…and SOLO

Turning back to the practice area…still a Dodo Dot, still cool, and still…SOLO

A flying Dodo and the fence I was working with…hmmm….is that Dodo… SOLO??

Dodo the Pilot…getting his picture taken by his instructor…

I’m proud of you BABY!!!

And here is my video of the Solo Flying Dodo…you can pretty much just hear the helicopter and not really see it…and you can of course hear me…

And by the way, I was talking to my mom on my cell while taking this…so don’t make fun…I’m sure you’ll get a laugh…and a look into what I am needing for Christmas…

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One Comment on “My Dodo Can Fly…SOLO…Can yours?”

  1. sa rah Says:

    HA great pics!!
    Congrats Dodo! And congrats Mrs. Dodo for getting sleep with a helicopter pilot. Most chicks would agree — that deserves bragging rights 😀

    now, hijack that thing and come back here for a visit!

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