It hasn’t been raining lately

So here are some pictures of our trek in the rain to downtown Portland a few weeks ago…

A smilin’ Dodo…


This is Dodo trying to stay dry…

Me under the umbrella with my java…

Still under the umbrella.

These pictures were taken in this really cool area downtown…tree lined sidewalks and fall colors…

These next few were taken during our excursion to Mt. St. Helens…

we never made it. 

We started out after Dodo did his first solo and even though we could see it….we wouldn’t have arrived before nightfall…especially since we started out at 2 in the afternoon.  So, I made Dodo take pictures of Portland on our way back home.

This is Mt. Hood – it is a rarity that you see it especially during fall/winter.  When you do see it with snow – it is particulary spectacular:

Not a great picture – I need a real camera – (hint hint) – but still cool.

This next one is just outside of downtown on our way back to our house.  It is just really cool that all of these homes/condos sit on the side of this hill and on top of this hill and they have a highway cut through the bottom of them…I wonder if this is good feng shui…probably not.

China Town in DT Portland:

Maggie B and I – A Self Portrait…

Maggie B’s scar – not much better than mine but at least she can cover hers up with a lot of hair…

And the grand finale….

Mount Saint Helens….A View from the Car….

You wouldn’t think it would have taken us 2 hours to get there from the point of this picture would you?  The funniest thing about this was that this is the second time we have tried going there.  The first was on our initial trip to Portland and we turned around because we realized how far away we really were…and the second…pretty much the same realization….

Three times the charm right?

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One Comment on “It hasn’t been raining lately”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    Comments from Lydia’s Grandma, (or Ya-Ya’s Yia-Yia if you speak Greek!)
    Marilyn Peterson writing from her winter locale Rockport, Texas
    “Yes.,I did read the journal and enjoyed the photos. Just wonderful account of Lydia’s Oregon vacation. I wish I could put it in the scrapbook, but haven’t figured out how to do that. It is fun to read Jessie’s other comments too. She has a breezy, humorous writing style. Lydia is certainly photogenic. I am glad you sent some photos to Grandma -she will really appreciate them. Hope you continue to have warmer weather.Mom”

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