Only 3 more days

I have been excited about my Mom and Yaya coming for Christmas for, well, ever since we moved here.  Now I have only 3 days to wait…and of course I am getting antsy. 

I’m really looking forward to it but finding myself already sad that they will be leaving again.  I don’t want to feel the pain I felt of moving away from Yaya and wondering whether or not she will remember me. 

We will have fun and lots of hugs and kisses while they are here and I will be back in KC in a couple of months…I don’t like the in-between time.  I also need to be independently wealthy…

And I want to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to Craiger on graduating!!  That is awesome!!

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One Comment on “Only 3 more days”

  1. Mom Says:

    Can’t wait to see you either and I just checked the weather for KC, Minneapolis and Portland…..clear sky for Sunday!! Except for Portland and I think they just keep repeating the forecast…….fog, reain, fog, rain, fog, rain, fog, rain, fog, rain, fog, rain….no kidding! It’s on the Natl Weather Service website and they know what they are talking about! See you Sunday!

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