We went to see Maggie B this afternoon and she was up and walking…very glad to see that and of course I burst out crying.  We got to take her outside for a short walk and she did pretty good, walking slow but doing 100x better than this morning. 

When we were outside I just held her and was crying and she started crying – I know, we try and put human traits on our animals but I am saying she was crying.  She was very happy to see us and it made me feel much better that she was walking and not a limp dog wrapped up in a towel like she was when we took her in.

She has pancreatitis and developed a heart murmur because of the dehydration.  I guees dehydration thinkens their blood and this can be a side effect.  They have her on an IV and giving her fluids and antiobiotics to fight off any infection and to help her to not become septic.  It is still going to be a wait and see sort of thing but she will get her blood drawn tomorrow evening again to look at her pancreatic enzyme levels and hopefully she can come home with us Christmas day. 

While we were at the vet an older couple left after they had to put their dog down.  It was just a horrible sight to see.  I was laying on the floor with the Maggie B on my legs and they walked out and the woman just had uncontrollable sobs.  It was heart-wrenching and of course I started crying all over again.  Our pets become such a part of our lives and thankfully I have never had to put a pet down myself.  I had my childhood dog, Che, die when I was in middle school and that was hard.  It is harder now when you are an adult though.  My Aunt R just lost 2 of her dogs and even though I was completely sad for her I just could never feel that pain.  Now I know. 

I am thankful that the Maggie B is doing better and hope that she continues so and can just get home with us.  And I think because of this process I will become a hyperchondriac with my children, whenever we have them…

I promise I will be writing of happier things tomorrow.  We’ll check in on the Maggie B and we also pick up Mom and Yaya from the airport.  I talked to her tonight and she said that she wanted to watch reindeer…

I want to watch reindeer too kiddo – maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of them tomorrow night.

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