It has been a while…

and I am sure all of you are looking for pictures from our fabulous Christmas and visit with Mom and Lydia…well, wait a little longer. 

 I am just now getting to download everything to shutterfly so Momma Yaya can see the pics and pass them onto Grammy Yaya…and there are only 265 pictures…so I can’t download there and download to buzznet to pull them onto here because my computer is awesome but not that awesome….so you will have to wait.

In other news – job is going well.  Getting busier.  Home life is great.  I got a new All Clad grill pan for Christmas from my Dad and I love it. Well, actually I got a non-stick pan that I wanted but then decided that I wanted the grill pan more so I exchanged it – so thanks Dad….I cooked with it tonight and made a FABULOUS dinner.  I don’t think that pan will ever see the darkness of the cupboards.  I highly recommend it.  The funny thing about it is that Dodo wanted one of those George Forman Grill things…I think they are disgusting.  Momma Dodo thinks I am strange and loves hers….to each there own Momma Dodo….I still love you even if you use the George Forman Grill….So, I digress as usual…This grill pan is so much better than what George Forman could ever offer me.  It grills like it should.  I don’t have to press slabs of meat in between two hot metal bars and I don’t have to watch the fat rolling off of whatever I am cooking.  It is just better. Because I say.

The way I feel about the George Forman Grill is very similar to the way I feel about toasters…again Momma Dodo – I love ours (mainly because I don’t have to hear Dodo cursing my name in the morning because we don’t have a toaster and because it came from you)…I just don’t care for toasters…HOWEVER, put a Dualit toaster in front of me and I will spend all day toasting your buns and telling you how fantastic this toaster is (and your buns if I feel the need).  It is so fantastic because it doesn’t “pop” up your toast when it is done.  This is so fantastic for a couple of reasons – you don’t have cold toast because the Dualit  keeps it nice and warm in the toaster and I just like the fact that I can get a bit sidetracked and come back to warm toast and I don’t have to watch and wait for it to pop.  Watching and waiting is not my strong suit.  Plus the “pop” in a toaster always ends up breaking so why not GIVE ME CONTROL over when my toast comes out of the toaster…

Now, if I only ate toast.

On to other things….

Portland has no street lights.  Well, they do at intersections but that is about it.  They REALLY like to conserve energy.  I guess it has it’s positives like the fact that we can walk outside in the city and see a ton of stars…couldn’t do that in KC.  Although I would like to be able to see the entrances to parking lots and be able to see my car in a parking lot without having to whip out a mag flashlight. 

And speaking of parking lots…they typically have one entrance here and if two parking lots are right next to each other – you can’t get to one without having to go around the block and go into the ONE ENTRANCE to the other one…it gets a bit irritating…especially because once I do find the entrance to the parking lot it is usually after about 10 minutes (or more) of being lost in the dark trying to find the establishment and then find the ONE ENTRANCE they have to the parking lot.  I need a Garmin.  Do they show parking lot entrances???

Maggie B is doing very well right now.  She is getting back to real dog food and loving the new “All Natural, Organic, You are really an Oregonian Dog” food that we got her.  She is farting a lot and looking at her butt confused…it is pretty funny.  It’s what nature intended.

Funny conversation with Dodo last night…We were out driving around the darkened streets running errands and trying to find the ONE ENTRANCE to parking lots and this is how it goes…

Dodo:  You know, if people listened in on our conversations and bantering back and forth they would probably think we were stoned.

Me: (laugh)Hey, your probably right – I never thought about it that way…but dude, totally.

we then pull up to taco hell to pay for our food and I look at the “pay this amount” thingy they have and…

Me: (leaning forward in my seat) The 9 is backwards.

Dodo: (leaning forward in his seat) Your right, wow, hey that is totally weird.

Me: (still staring at the backwards 9) That is totally weird.

Dodo: Ya man.

A couple minutes pass….

Me: Oh, I see…It’s an 8 with part of it missing….

Dodo: Hey, your right.  That’s funny.

Yes, darling.  I would definitely say that people would think that we were stoned.

Smoke it if you got it…

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