You want an update Huh?

Wow – how long since the last post?  Too long you say?  I completely agree. 

 I have been so swamped at work lately that I don’t want to even look at a computer on the weekends…so, instead, I am taking a break from working on a Friday to give you an update.

Things have been good.  Dodo has been enjoying the commercial part of his training and his Madre will be glad to hear that yes – he is doing instrument training.  I say that with a big smile on my face and a chuckle in my belly.  Madre Dodo was asking when Dodo would do his instrument training.  She would ask Dodo then she would ask me then ask Dodo again – it was just a re-occuring theme in our conversations.  I always just chalked it up to her being a concerned mother…but then Dodo said something to me about how Madre Dodo was asking about instrument training in each conversation he had with her…then of course, I told him she was asking me the same thing in the conversations I had with her…for some reason we just got a real kick out of it and thought that it was quite humorous.  So last night he told her that the worries were over and he is doing instrument training.  Madre Dodo – you can still ask about it anyway – I get a tickle out of it.

On to other things…

We finally made it out to Mt. St. Helens a few weekends ago.  This was our 3rd try at it and what a weekend to go!  It was 60 degrees, sunny, no wind and just plain beautiful.  It took us a couple hours from door to mountain/volcano and it was pretty spectacular.  There was a lot of snow once we got to the higher elevation and it made the volcano that much more interesting.  You could see steam coming out of it and it was just incredible to imagine how hight the volcano was before it blew the side out.  There were hardly any people there and we had the Maggie B along with us – she thoroughly enjoyed it.  Had her head out the window the ENTIRE drive up to the volcano. 

We only saw maybe 6 people on our way which was nice – no crowds – just very awesome and quiet.  And did I mention the 60 degree weather and sun??

This first pic is of Mt. St. Helens up close – this is the portion that erupted out…

 This is the Maggie B chillin’…

 Mt. St. Helens Steaming and the Maggie B and I

Cool cloud view

This next view of St. Helens shows the blasted out side and the path that the lava took…there is a river cut into it now…the lava and ash moved an entire lake but the river slowly chisled itself back into existence…

Taking a break on our way up…

The Family….

This next one really isn’t out of focus.  This is exactly what these trees looked like.  The white trunks with the green branches made the entire side of the mountain look out of focus…it was the weirdest thing.  Made your eyes bug out after looking at it for while…

We are heading back to KC at the end of April and can’t wait to see everyone.  We have a lot of things to do.  I may end up flying into Columbus, OH and meeting my family for the weekend.  My Aunt Montana is turning 50 and wanted to take a trip to the Longaberger factory – so the entire family is going!  Grandpa F apparently really wants to make a basket.  My Aunt and Uncle Texas are flying up as well and I think my Mom is driving with the Grandparents.  Dodo will probably just fly on through to KC and be able to spend the weekend with his friends and I’ll be back in on Monday.  I just want Broadway Coffee, Classic Cookie breakfast, Waldo Pizza, Chocolate Martini from Pierponts, and plenty of time with friends!

I’m trying to think of other exciting things – Oh, I fung sheued the apartment.  I am sure all of you remember my purple bathroom/laundry room in our old house – this was done because of fung sheu.  That room was in our Prosperity section and it is horrible to have a toilet in your Prosperity section.  Since purple is the color to use, the laundry room/bathroom was a nice shade of purple. 

This time our prosperity section is in our kitchen…no problems there.  I just can’t paint the walls…so instead, I got a purple Beta.  It not only serves for my “purple” that I need but the “movement” that needs to be in this space so we keep our prosperity moving…

Can you tell this is all I have been doing for the last 2 weeks.  I have fung sheui on the brain…I even dreamed that I needed to fung sheui the bed so Dodo wouldn’t crowd me…that was a strange dream…

The rain is back and it is cold once again…this weekend is supposed to be pretty crappy although the sun is shining a little right now…maybe it will stay?  I think that I am going to go visit a fun little shopping district with a friend of mine Saturday, which should be fun.  It is still hard to be away and I feel like I am missing so much…hopefully, the shopping will be good this weekend right?

By the way – if you haven’t heard or haven’t checked out Dodo’s site – he got his private pilot’s license.  YEA.  We celebrated that evening at Portland City Grill – Here is a pic – can you see us?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the update.  I promise I will post more this weekend.  I have Christmas pics to share…

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6 Comments on “You want an update Huh?”

  1. dodo Says:

    fung sheu…fung shuei…fung sh…
    Feng Shui, darlin’.

    heehee…i love my wife

  2. sarah Says:

    yay 🙂

    i have a bat living under the eave over the back door. he periodically swoops me in the evenings when my unlocking of the door startles him. I wonder, is that good feng shui or no?

    Can’t wait to see you!!

  3. Terra Says:

    If you want company for Pierponts & Broadway — We’re in! Mt. SH is super cool isn’t it? I loved it up there — so powerful

  4. javagirl Says:

    Everyone is invited for Pierponts and Broadway!! SaRah – Just think of the bats as your personal protector. I bet it would spook anyone trying to break in…just make sure the back stoop doesn’t have bat poo…

    Feng Shui – yes I know. I meant to go back and change because I kept missing the mark…oh well…everyone can laugh…

  5. sarah Says:

    ok, a little updates of my own – it’s actually a cardinal.

    i finally saw it with the light on. Just hanging out while the cats stared longingly from inside the kitchen.

  6. javagirl Says:

    Cardinals are good – just don’t let it pluck your eyes out. This is your Prosperity section of your house and Cardinals are distiguished and will give good vibes…

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