Missing a bit of KCUR…and the scary toast…

So, I tried sleeping in this morning but it did not work so well.  I took great lengths to stay up a bit later last night so I was really really tired by the time I made it to bed…although I forgot to wake the hubby from the sofa so once he came to bed 2 hours later – I woke up.  5am came and I was wide awake and irritated.  I looked at my clock just to make sure that I had not turned the alarm on because I did not understand why my body wanted to wake at 5am for no reason.  For crying out loud – I went to bed really really late after a long day of work!  Stay asleep at least until 10!  I of course did not get up then and fell asleep for another hour and a half until the Maggie B woke Dodo up to go outside.  I rolled over and stared at the redbud tree outside our window that is in full bloom and thought that I would relax a bit that way…then Dodo came back in and wanted to cuddle.  He didn’t know how irritated I was that even though I took great lengths to insure that I slept in this morning I still woke at 5am…in short the cuddle was wrought with bad vibes thus cutting it quite short.  Lesson: Do not try to cuddle with me when my plans of sleeping in are in the crapper.  I am not good company.

After my utterly disasterous plan of trying to sleep in I went downstairs to get some of this great tea that I recently purchased.  Figured that the fog and irritation would erase once caffeinne hit my body.  This tea is great but it is even better with a bit of milk…Dodo drank all of it the night before…irritation set in again…I figured that all I really needed was caffeine and warm tea…I’ll get over the milk bit.  I boiled the water and set to work on my tea, called my Mom and started making myself breakfast. 

 I thought I would make myself some toast…I have our mammoth toaster set out and ready to use and this was the morning.  The only toast I have had over the last 20 years is when my Mom or I have made ‘one-eyed monsters’.  Get your dirty minds out of the gutter…My mom made these when I was a kid and I loved them.  You take a piece of bread, butter it on both sides, cut a small circle out of the middle (we used to use cookie-cutters or a measuring cup works too), put that in a griddle and drop an egg in the hole, pepper it and let it cook.  Flip it over, wait until it is done and you have a ‘One Eyed Monster’.  This morning I thought that I would make a breakfast sandwich with some turkey bacon, egg and rye bread so that I could use the toaster for the first time. 

I’m still talking to my Mom as I am preparing breakfast, drinking my tea and generally feeling in much better spirits.  Not sure if it was the Mom or the Tea…Probably the Mom – they always make you feel better – Tea only goes so far.  Mom’s are a much quicker fix.  Anyway – I’m on the phone, the toast is in the toaster and I am standing over the stove cooking the egg and turkey bacon and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eyes I see this huge brown animal like thing pop up under the cabinet and this loud noise – I scream, the dog comes running, my Mom starts laughing asking me what is wrong…and during these few short seconds I am thinking that a squirrel was in my kitchen making loud noises and hopping on my counter top…and after those few short seconds, I realize……….. it is my rye bread popping out of the toaster.

My Mom was laughing.  I was still trying to get it through my head that it was just my toast and not a rabid animal.

I started getting my breakfast sandwich ready and realized I needed another piece of toast (we only have 4 slots in this toaster but based on my reaction I am glad there was only one piece of toast – I probably would have peed my pants if 2 rabid squirrels jumped out of this toaster). Another piece of toast went in and I told myself that I would be prepared this time and not frightened of the toaster. 

I go about my business and am buttering my first rabid squirrel piece of toast and still talking to Mom.  BAM! Again – I jump and catch my breath…it was just the toast.

So, remember me talking about the Dualit toaster that keeps the toast in the toaster so it stays warm?  It doesn’t pop up.  Now I really know why I wanted that toaster – there are no rabid rye bread squirrels popping out of it…do you think I was sublimanally thinking this all along?

I still like our toaster – it looks really cool and I will just have to condition myself not to think that a wild animal is in my house when the toast pops.

On to the next thing…

My Mom and I were talking about KCUR and Cypress Avenue music show by Bill Shapiro – I really miss that show!!  He is so great offerring up different kinds of music.  It always made Saturdays so great – listening to the show and cleaning house or getting coffee or breakfast at Classic Cookie…ugh!!!!  I can’t wait until April!!!!

Then I realized that I am in the computer age, the streaming age, I have access to the shows I miss from KCUR – get on the friggin computer and stream!!

Needless to say I am sitting in front of the computer with the speakers blasting Cypress Avenue feeling better and better every minute that goes by.  I am very much a music makes me feel better kind of person.  Actually, I think that some of it is habit – I want my habits back.  I’ve been a bit lost trying to listen to the radio here – unfamiliar shows – some are good – don’t get me wrong. But nothing can beat Bill Shapiro and Cypress Avenue. 

So – I have one of my habits back and am feeling much better.

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4 Comments on “Missing a bit of KCUR…and the scary toast…”

  1. Moore Says:

    hmmmm… rabid squirrel rye toast, turkey bacon, egg and tea… I’d order it at a resturant… how bad could it REALLY be??!??!

  2. javagirl Says:

    may just make you foam at the mouth…after you ate it…

  3. Moore Says:

    At least I would have a reason for doing that now.

  4. sarah Says:

    ha – we always called those ‘egg in a basket’.

    to each their own! 🙂

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