Words Can’t Describe

flying with your husband…

So here are some pictures

Not even these, describe how awesome, beautiful and relaxing this was…yes – I said relaxing.  No control issues what-so-ever.  Seriously.

Take a look.

In Flight…

 It was a little strange at first, especially standing next to the helicopter that is SMALLER than my car.  After pre-flight it was time for me to get in this tiny, cramped space with plexiglass all around, put on my headset and for Dodo to start the warm-up.


 In all of my excitement, I accidentally erased the video of us taking off…well, I did want to go up again so I thought I could use this as an excuse.  Not really – I just thought that this sounded better than “I was a dumb-ass and too consumed by flying to figure out how to use the damn camera”.

The take-off was crazy.  Not bad crazy, just like nothing you have ever felt before.  It was awesome and breathtaking.  We hovered and then just zoomed across and up…that was the only time I felt a little uneasy.  Then I just thought how incredible it was to be nose to the ground going that fast in a tiny bubble. The power – even in an R22 – was just cool.  It was cool just to know that my husband was in control of this and I was actually flying with him.

 We headed downtown and it was a beautiful day.  It was a little bumpy at points but believe it or not I did not care and was too busy just looking around.  With every bump Dodo reassured me that that was “normal”.  After a few of those I wanted to tell him that I was fine and just to fly the damn thing…but I couldn’t find the mic button with my foot so I just sat in silence – well, I did mouth the words….

Downtown was so cool.

That is the Columbia River and the big pink building was where Dodo and I had dinner at City Grille when he got his private pilot’s license (check out the earlier blogs to see inside views).

This next one is the top of McCormick and Schmick’s where we had Christmas dinner with Mom and Yaya…(again, check out previous blogs to see inside of restaurant).

Great view of downtown.  Remember the earlier blog and the pic of Dodo and I on the beautiful tree-lined street drinking our cuppa java?  Well – this is the aerial view – without the java.

Just coming around again over the Columbia.  Pretty frigin’ fantastic.

Coming home…

I know you all wanted to see where I worked.  Well – this is a view from about 500 feet up…

Sunset Highway…heading to Hillsboro Airport.

Up in the air and more than I ever expected…

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4 Comments on “Words Can’t Describe”

  1. Dodo Says:

    Hello? Is this thing on?

  2. max Says:

    You look good in your Seattle sweatshirt, Jesi! Some excellent shots!

  3. sarah Says:

    super fun to be along for the ride — thanks for posting those pix! Miss you!

  4. Julian Says:

    I saw that picture of april fools and so who from you is born on april fools? I am too 1980 04/01 !!!!

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