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We are all making out

24 April, 2007

when I get home…the countdown is officially on. 

Pucker up people.

3 days…


An April Fool’s Birthday

18 April, 2007

I am a very bad person. Very bad.  It has been approximately 3+ weeks since I have written and the only reason I am doing it now is because I want to write about Dodo’s B-day before we hit May 1st!

So on to Dodo’s B-day.

He knew nothing about where we were going except we were going West.  We headed out on a Friday afternoon and headed to the beach.  To try and throw him off a bit I headed to Cannon Beach – we’ve been there a couple of times before but stay away from it typically because it can get crowded.  On our way into town he mentioned that he thought it would be really really cool to fly a kite out on the beach…and low and behold there was a kite store right there at the beginning of town…I, of course, totally played it off like I had already thought of this because I am the type of person to totally think of cool places and things to do such as flying a kite on the beach.  Actually, I did think of it prior to the trip because one of the hotel packages came with your own kite and beach exploring kit (it was the kid’s package…).  I just took this a step further though and played like I had already found this place and knew that we would pass it and already planned on taking him there, etc.  He bought it for a few moments then slowly realized that even though I think of really cool things to do and places to go – I’m still full of shit sometimes.

After the kite excursion, which I got kudos for, we headed to this great little coffee shop The Sleepy Monk.  They have GREAT coffee and it is such a cool place – they have free coffee tasting so you can decide which of their excellent coffee beans to take home with you.  Although, I heard one of the staff say that they were not going to make lattes and other drinks anymore that they would only do drip coffee.  WHY?  Out of 20 people that I saw walk in – they ALL ordered something other than regular coffee…please keep the latte…If I wanted to drink regular coffee I would make it at home.  I have a french press, I have a coffee maker, I can do the same thing.  What I don’t have is an espresso machine to make lattes and until that time please do not stop making the latte!  If any of those that a)frequest this establishment or b) think that this is a bad business move or c) just want to join the band wagon – please let them know that I love their latte’s and love their coffee beans but it is orally orgasmic when their beans, espresso, AND milk come together to form a latte.

The Beach Car in front of The Sleepy Monk…

Okay – on to the beach.  We parked in our normal spot at the top and took the long flight of stairs down. 

The coolest thing about Cannon is that it has the 3rd largest monolith in the world sitting right there for you to see (also – remember Goonies – the rocks lining up…this is the big one):

The tide was out so you could go exploring all of the sea life and other fun creature things that would normally be under several feet of ocean during high tide.  You can also get right up close to Haystack Rock.  They have made this rock a natural preserve so you can’t climb it anymore nor get to up-close and personal with it.  Although walking through the rocks and looking for starfish and sand dollars was a lot of fun.  The barnicles and shells and other creatures on the side of the rock was pretty damn cool as well – things were hiding in there…kind of creepy:

Me jumping over the tide:

By the way – I fared much better than the girl in the green jacket.  She jump-stepped and also right when the tide was coming back in…cold cold water…I rock.

(Notice the Latte???) What would I do on the beach without my Latte???


After exploring I suggested that we meander on to the hotel.  At this point in time he thought that we were staying on Cannon Beach.  I told him we might be but he had to close his eyes for the drive because I wanted to surprise him.  He grudgingly did so and this is where he ended up

This is The Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, Oregon.  AWESOME.  You sit out about 600 ft into the Columbia River.  Astoria is the northwestern-most city in Oregon on the Columbia and you are right at the mouth of the Columbia where it dumps into the Pacific Ocean. 

The hotel was so totally great.  I had asked them to order a birthday cake and put a bottle of champagne in the room and they did great – this cake was delicious. 

This is a view looking outside our room:

 This bridge is really scary…it is so high (we were on the 4th floor of the hotel) and it loomed above us.  It also floats once you get down to the main part of the bridge. 

The Columbia River looms right in front of you.  This part is not floating but once you get past this…watch out for the birds as well as any waves…well, at least watch out for the birds.

That night we were chaueffered to dinner at Baked Alaska (  in a 1940-ish Rolls Royce.  Seriously.  I could have stayed in the Rolls all weekend.  Talk about luxury…the seats just wrapped themselves around you AND they had little wedges on the floor – kind of like what you can get to put under your desk so your feet are not hanging and are ergonomically correct – but so much better.  Rolls Royce better.  Typically they have a 1938 black Buick to take you to dinner but that was in the shop so we had to take the Rolls.  Yes, we were totally pushed kicking and screaming into the Rolls, wailing for the Buick…it was a totally horrendous experience.  Oh – they also provide this service complimentary.  That made it even worse…

 Our Rolls: I totally love this picture.  The glass in the door is etched with a boat and the seagulls and posts…

The inside mirror of the car…

 Even though it was Dodo’s B-day (well, near enough), I thought I would spoil myself by getting crab legs for dinner.  I’ve never had crab legs.  I love crab but have never found myself longing to rip the meat out of their little crab shelled legs…Not anymore – holy crap are crab legs great.  Probably better out here on the coast than what I would get in KC.  These were not frozen.  They were fresh.  They still had a hint of sea salt in the meat…I at 3/4 of a pound of them…well, Dodo did help because man, they were rich.

My Crabby Leggies:

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and the claw-foot tub for two and a view (see hotel link).

The next morning we were up for breakfast downstairs – which was excellent.  Then we had a couple’s massage scheduled.  I am, of course, always a little hesitant about getting massages at hotels because 9 times out of 10 they suck.  Like the Rolls Royce – except we had to pay for this – it was fabulous!  We had 2 great therapists and I would highly recommend them.  Afterwards they had us set up in the Finnish Spa where we got our dry heat on – I’m getting one of these – and then slowly made our way back to our room so we could go to the beach for the day.

 We barely made it to the beach.  Luckily Dodo drove so I could sleep…I was so relaxed that it was hard to breath.

After stopping at The Sleepy Monk for LATTE’s – we headed back to Cannon Beach where we strolled about and Dodo flew his kite.  This was pretty frickin’ cool:

Did I mention that his was a totally cool kite??  You could do loopty loops with it…you didn’t just have to watch it.  When it was my turn I about nailed Dodo…that was pretty funny – I didn’t crash it though (at least that time).

After an afternoon spent meandering at the beach we headed back to Astoria and our hotel room but first we had to stop for Crab Legs again.  Still delicious.

 April Fool’s Day brought birthday cake for breakfast, a last soak in the claw-foot tub for two and a view, a shower and heading back to civilization.  It was a great Birthday weekend for both of us!