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My Dodo Can Fly

24 May, 2007

and is an official commercial helicopter pilot…

anyone know of any jobs?


This has been a trip…I was excited when he told me the news today that he had passed and then I got even more excited and proud when I realized of all of the things that we have accomplished as a couple in the last few months. 

It has taken a few years, dollars and miles for this dream to become reality and it is such a proud moment when you look at the “now” and realize how far you have come.  It is awesome to look at what you have given up and realize that you have gained so much more than you have lost or think you have lost.  It is awesome to be able to see someone go from dreaming to speaking the dream to living the dream.  It is awesome to also see this person become who they have always been and to be there to see it happen.  It is awesome to love someone so much that you will give up your only known life to follow their dream.  It is awesome to be able to give to someone the same thing that has been given to you in the past.  It is awesome that I am married to this person.  And – it is especially awesome that I am married to a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

Honey – I am bursting with pride and love.  In this life and the next…


The weather outside

23 May, 2007

is getting better every day…it is oh so nice to see the sun…now, if it would just stop raining on the weekends…it is such a tease!

I started the new job this week and it is going great.  I am really grateful for this opportunity and like the team I am with.  Plus, it takes me less or exactly the same amount of time to get there than it did at the old place which was only 2 miles away…traffic out our way is horrible. 

And let me tell you how much I love my new Garmin!  I LOVE THAT THING!!  Yesterday, I needed gas (not a surprise) and I have no idea where anything is and all I had to do was tap “Gas Stations” on the little Garmin and ‘poof’, I was on my way.  Then I just tapped “Home” and ‘poof’, again, on my way – all without getting lost.  It is a definite peace of mind and if anything would ever happen to my Garmin…well, I would be calling in sick.

Dodo is getting ready to take his commercial FAA check ride tomorrow morning.  He was initially supposed to take it at the beginning of the month and due to some mix up’s and scheduling conflicts it was moved…so he has been studying his little butt off (what is there is of it) and I think he is ready…actually, I know he is ready.  He hasn’t talked much about it only because I know he is really nervous and just wants to do well – of course – so I’ve been trying to lay low about it as well…and I’m tired of it!!  I want some celebration tomorrow no matter how it goes…which it will be perfect.

Oh – new observation about Portland – well actually a couple.  1st – I need to get a new driver’s license because I am dying to know why drivers here are willing to get in a car wreck in order to get to the right side of the road when an ambulance/fire truck/police car is within a 5 mile distance from them.  I also want to know why they do this when the said ambulance/fire truck/police car is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FUCKING HIGHWAY.  Seriously people!  There is a 10″ concrete barricade separating you from them…there is NO NEED!!!  Yesterday, Dodo ran in to this situation on the highway – Today, I ran into the same situation.  Today, because of this I almost get hit by several cars trying to get over.  Do they give you electric shock therapy when you go get your license – I’m picturing a scene not unlike “A Clockwork Orange”…Here is your written test and after this please enter this room over here where we will strap a contraption onto your head holding your eyelids open and show you what will happen to you if you do not pull to the right of the road when an emergency vehicle is blaring it’s sirens…even if it is on the other side of the fucking highway.  Actually, I just had a thought…they all get over because emergency workers here just shoot you.  Ahhh…that’s why…I feel better now.  Death or a car crash due to pulling over…they sure make things easy for you around here.

A New Leaf…

17 May, 2007

Is turning over next Tuesday…

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job…and I am grateful to be moving on to bigger and better things.  Of course I don’t want to say too many things on this particular post about the current and almost over job – so, all I will say is that I can’t wait until Tuesday!  Mo money, mo benefits, mo experience!!!

So – tonight was my second sweep rowing class.  Much better than our first class…I was convinced that I was not going to be able to get in and out of that itty bitty frickin long ass boat.  Tuesday didn’t go to well but tonight I rocked.  My instructor said I was really picking all of this up quite quickly and I was really good at it – I told him I was a natural athlete…later I told Dodo that the only seat that I wanted was the one closest to the coxain because everyone has to follow my lead.  Dodo agreed that that would probably be the best place for me as well.  I am trying to get him to fly one evening over the river and take pictures of us from the air…that might end up being a really funny situation…”hey look everyone, there is my husband” SPLASH as we all go overboard.  I’m telling you – these boats are tippy…everyone at home – take a 2×4 piece of wood, stick it your bathtub and sit on it…see if you can stay afloat.  I dare you.

It is has been nice getting out there and doing something and besides it has been great weather as well.  It is pretty cool to be driving to downtown and see Mt. Hood to the right and Mt. St. Helens to the left as you are driving over the river.  And boy, do Portlanders use this river.  I’ve never seen so much activity at a waterfront before.  There is a bike, running/walking trail all along the river and it is ALWAYS packed full of people.  The dock that we launch from is also pretty busy with the Dragon Boats (that are getting ready for a competition at the Rose Festival in a couple of weeks) as well as a lot of kayakers, canoe-ers, and then of course us – the sweep rowers who have no clue as to what they are doing and just all hope to God that we don’t fall in the river as we are setting the boat down on the VERY low dock…All in all it is going to be a pretty cool experience.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll meet some pretty cool people in the process as well.

Okay – I must go to bed.  I am tired and I need to be ready tomorrow to finish turning over all of my projects to the next poor soul…then it is time to CELEBRATE!!! 

One last note though…It has been quite weird giving notice and the fact that EVERYONE is tremendously excited for me and are extremely glad that I found something else…either they all hate me or they are glad that someone cut the ties and is running toward freedom…I am going to assume that it is the latter. 

Good Night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

And we’re back…

11 May, 2007

This has been a super-fast week…

The weather is perfect here right now.  It is supposed to be cloudy tomorrow (of course on a Saturday) but it is nice and cool and beautiful right now.  In celebration of the sunny weather, I moved my computer to the other side of my desk at work…this way I can look up and see out the far window instead of a gray/brown wall.  I am much happier now.

Our trip to KC was good.  I definitely didn’t get to spend as much time with my mom as I wanted!  I am hoping she makes it out here in the next couple of months.  We had a terrific time with Yaya.  She is so flippin’ tall.  She looks like she is 4 but just turned 3…oh my – and she has a personality.  We redid her bedroom which was great – knocked it out in a day – and she loves it.  I’m really glad we could do that for her.

Being back has been good I must say.  I think that I have come to terms with the fact that my life is here in Portland and that we are not part of the circle back in KC.  Of course we will still stay in touch with all of our friends and visit and hopefully some of them will come out to visit us…it’s just that when you are away from friends, well, life goes on and you are not really a part of theirs anymore.  It is a strange feeling.  Kind of sad but kind of liberating at the same time for me. 

We definitely enjoyed spending time with our friends that came out to see us – it was just great to see everyone and to hear the new things going on and definitely great to see the babies! 

Better run…will post some pics and write more later.