And we’re back…

This has been a super-fast week…

The weather is perfect here right now.  It is supposed to be cloudy tomorrow (of course on a Saturday) but it is nice and cool and beautiful right now.  In celebration of the sunny weather, I moved my computer to the other side of my desk at work…this way I can look up and see out the far window instead of a gray/brown wall.  I am much happier now.

Our trip to KC was good.  I definitely didn’t get to spend as much time with my mom as I wanted!  I am hoping she makes it out here in the next couple of months.  We had a terrific time with Yaya.  She is so flippin’ tall.  She looks like she is 4 but just turned 3…oh my – and she has a personality.  We redid her bedroom which was great – knocked it out in a day – and she loves it.  I’m really glad we could do that for her.

Being back has been good I must say.  I think that I have come to terms with the fact that my life is here in Portland and that we are not part of the circle back in KC.  Of course we will still stay in touch with all of our friends and visit and hopefully some of them will come out to visit us…it’s just that when you are away from friends, well, life goes on and you are not really a part of theirs anymore.  It is a strange feeling.  Kind of sad but kind of liberating at the same time for me. 

We definitely enjoyed spending time with our friends that came out to see us – it was just great to see everyone and to hear the new things going on and definitely great to see the babies! 

Better run…will post some pics and write more later.

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