My Dodo Can Fly

and is an official commercial helicopter pilot…

anyone know of any jobs?


This has been a trip…I was excited when he told me the news today that he had passed and then I got even more excited and proud when I realized of all of the things that we have accomplished as a couple in the last few months. 

It has taken a few years, dollars and miles for this dream to become reality and it is such a proud moment when you look at the “now” and realize how far you have come.  It is awesome to look at what you have given up and realize that you have gained so much more than you have lost or think you have lost.  It is awesome to be able to see someone go from dreaming to speaking the dream to living the dream.  It is awesome to also see this person become who they have always been and to be there to see it happen.  It is awesome to love someone so much that you will give up your only known life to follow their dream.  It is awesome to be able to give to someone the same thing that has been given to you in the past.  It is awesome that I am married to this person.  And – it is especially awesome that I am married to a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

Honey – I am bursting with pride and love.  In this life and the next…

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3 Comments on “My Dodo Can Fly”

  1. boomboom Says:

    more congrats. that was an amazing post. i got a little teary-eyed there. Very sweet.

  2. MommaDode Says:

    THAT is what I tried to say when you moved to Oregon. jesi, i am so proud of YOU. you have truly given my son wings in every sense.

  3. stegam Says:

    When your pilot introduced me to you, I could feel your magic. Now he has it.

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