Does anyone actually read this damn thing?

Hopefully you do because I am not doing this for my own enjoyment…well, kind of. 

So, the rain and cool weather is back for a few days and quite frankly, I am relieved.  For the past several weeks, actually months, I have been anticipating that blaze of heat that I am used to in KC starting around April.  I didn’t actually realize this until a week ago when we were topping 90 degrees here in Portland.  I have actually realized that after so many years of living in muggy hot spring/summer weather I am completely used to getting myself “geared up” for that type of heat.  You don’t realize this until you are far away from that and still at 70 degrees in July…I was feeling quite odd for a while. 

 One week of 90 is just fine to break me out of all of that…Now – please go back to 70.  I quite enjoy it.

Okay – enough about weather (I told you Portlanders obsess). 

Dodo is almost done with his ground school and he actually gets to fly tomorrow!  On the left side!  This will be nice.  It has been weird not having him flying around while I am at work…plus this is just another step towards completion that I am so looking forward to – I am sure he is as well.

My Momma is coming next week Friday to visit for a week…and I am trying not to get too excited too soon…although.  Geez. You should know me by now…I am so super excited!  I am taking a few days off so we can go out to the beach and be bums at this great house we rented…and the rest of the days we are bumming around Portland.  It will be great. 

Okay – cute story that I forgot to tell all of you about the last time we were in KC.  We went to visit Dodo’s Mom in Oklahoma and we took Yaya with us.  And of course everyone has a name and you can’t just go by your first name when you are dealing with a 3 year old…because quite frankly it is fun to see what they actually grasp on to from names that you suggest.  So, jokingly I called Mom Doty, Granny Dode – and sure enough it stuck in that 3 year old little mind.  All weekend it was Granny Dode and of course it was the cutest and funniest thing – you have to say it just right with a deep “o” sound…I wish I had it on video.  Then the real test to see if the name stuck was when we got back home she was talking to Aunt Becky (totally should have come up with something else…I’ll work on that next time I’m home) and telling her all about the weekend and about Granny Dode. 

Oh – and I still owe all of you a video…

 Tomorrow.  I promise.

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One Comment on “Does anyone actually read this damn thing?”

  1. sarah Says:

    I’m reading! I love the new posts!

    p.s. did you hear we’ve got Preu Baby 2 on the way?

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