Rainy, cloudy…perfect

for reading the latest and last book in the Harry Potter series.  It was rainy all weekend and cold enough to be able to lay on the sofa, curly up under a blanket and read all friggin’ day!  This was the first time that I actually stood in line to buy my book and the first time that I actually stood in line to buy the book at 12:01am.  I felt that since this was the last book in the series I might as well get my little kid/big kid game on and go revelling at the bookstore.  It was pretty cool to see all of the kids and actually mainly adults standing in line for this book…

Things are going pretty well here.  We are starting to look for a new place to live…I can’t take much more of this place.  We are lucky that we have never had to pay full rent because Dodo works when he can at the complex, but man, after living here since October – I couldn’t imagine paying full rent for this place.  It all started when our bath towels started reaking to high heaven – and no it was Dodo butt causing the problem – it was our damn washer.  It wasn’t actually washing anything.  This went on for month.  We could only wash 1 towel and a couple washcloths worth at a time – hoping this would help.  Maintenance came out couldn’t figure out anything and in the meantime, the clothes were beginning to smell…Finally, one day our manager realized that we had a washer and dryer that was supposed to go in a 1 bedroom apartment…and we got the blessed larger washer and dryer…washer is great – dryer sucks but oh well.  Now, we are in the process of throwing all of our towels away because they reak so bad.  The second thing that really irks me about this place was that I put my trust in our manager.  I truster her that she was answering my questions truthfully…especially about the neighborhood and the actual street we live off of…asking her if it was a really busy street, nice, safe neighborhood, etc.  Oh – she reeled me in…this street sucks ass.  Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes just to get out of the friggin’ parking lot not only because I have to cross two lanes of traffic because I am turning left but because I have to go at an angle lest I bottom out my car and lose my tailpipe.  And the neighborhood – crap.  Crap Crap Crap.  It is depressing to drive home to.  It is depressing to drive away from.  I tend to keep blinders on while driving up and down our street. 

So – this time – we are taking our time and are lucky that we will actually be able to scout around.  I also hate carpeting.  I want a place with hardwood floors or if there is carpeting it better be nice carpeting.  Not this 10 cents a yard shit with other people’s crap still in it…I’ve steamed cleaned it several times and it still is disgusting. 

A means to an end right?  It has really worked well for us but seriously folks…I can only be grateful for so long…

The count down is on for my Momma to visit.  So excited.  And of course, I just found out today that we have some grand poobah’s in from Germany next week…but I am still only working 1 full day and half days for a couple days…I have a cell phone, I have a laptop, why do I even bother coming into the office right now?  Why do we actually go into the office to work?  I understand that there are some industries where you must i.e. car manufacturing.  But everything else – why can’t we just work from home?  Seriously. 

If I need to ask a question or need to discuss something I do it in email.  The first reason is typically because in this business society, if you are not covering your ass 99% of the time, then you are just not doing your job.  The second reason that I put everything in email is well, because of the first reason.  CYA and more CYA.  It doesn’t matter that you had a verbal conversation about something – if you don’t put it in an email  – nothing gets done – and you leave yourself wide open for someone coming back and saying something against you for whatever reason.  I bet if everyone worked from home that more would actually get done.  I know I have done that.  Work from home and I am actually up earlier and doing things earlier than I would if I had to go to the office.  Work from home and then I don’t have to make excuses as to why I can’t come in today and will be working from home….My job is meetings, email and conference calls.  If I must go into an office setting – make me do it once a week.  That would be so cool.

So besides working from home next week – I am planning on going to the Zoo on Sunday after we get back from Seattle.  The company that I have my contract through and technically work for are having a mingling gathering thing at the zoo in the afternoon.  Totally looking forward to it as Dodo and Momma are going to be able to go with me plus everything is free and the rate we are already going for the week – we need a freebie thrown in! 

Oh the other things to do – go to Woodburn for shopping.  This is the greatest outlet mall I have ever been to.  I am in constant search of a good deal – especially at this french linen store.  We bought an $800 blanket for $20 there.  And no it was not one of those girl things where we have to buy it just because it is on sale.  I love this blanket. 

I want to go to Multnomah falls as well and I think we should check out downtown a bit more than we did last time.  We also are heading to the coast for 3 fabulous days which is totally cool.  So much to do – she just needs to move here!

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One Comment on “Rainy, cloudy…perfect”

  1. sarah Says:

    i’m hoping jay can negotiate a week off with his new job sometime in the Fall… we are hoping to fly up and see the place since it looks like you’re settling in ( 😦 )

    Also, we missed you on Jay’s bday, but you absolutely sent the BEST card.

    Love you and miss you tons!

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