Exactly…what is going on here? 

Dodo just got back from a week in LA for the Robinson safety course.  I am completely jealous that he had such a great time.  I think it would have been easier on me if I knew he wasn’t really enjoying himself but when he is gone AND enjoying himself…well, I just can’t handle that.

Although, I will admit, I am glad that he liked the course AND enjoyed himself because I probably would have been in a really bad mood if we paid that much money for him to go for a week for this thing and didn’t get a frickin’ thing out of it.  So, I will be happy that he learned a lot AND enjoyed himself WHILE being away from me. 

So – what about me.  This is my blog after all and it should be about me.

I started playing volleyball again!  Woohoo.  I went out to an open gym in the area last Tuesday and ended up really enjoying myself.  The competition was really good.  The only thing that I didn’t like was that you had to practically beg and cry to get on a team.  It isn’t like the open gym’s I am used to where you just go and play and it doesn’t matter if you play with ALL your friends.  And, I guess, I’ve never been in a position as the odd-ball out.  I’ve never had to put myself out there – not know anyone – and prove that I actually know what I am doing.  That is the hardest part – at 30+ years old I am just now experiencing this.   Actually, I guess I experienced this when I was in the 8th grade and went to tryouts for Manhattan Juniors.  I didn’t know a single soul and had just started playing volleyball.  So I guess not knowing anyone and not really having ‘skills’ is worse than not knowing anyone and having skills….at least I’ve got something to work with.

I am supposed to meet up with a couple of people Tuesday to see if I am ‘good enough’ to play on their indoor co-ed team.  This is another thing that I am not used to…I’ve never had to do this.  This sucks.  Even when I was looking for players when I played, I didn’t make them tryout…not that I remember.  It was usually – “hey we need someone and you are a warm body and seem nice”.  Even if they lacked some skills they learned pretty quickly and became really good players.  If they sucked, well, shit, we’re girls.  We can make life a living hell…I guess karma can bite you in the ass.  Actually, I don’t think that we ever kicked anyone off or made their life a living hell playing with us…I think I pretty much played with the same group for quite a few years.  Of course people come and go and some think they become too good for your team, go off and play with someone else and hate it…those people could always go fuck themselves too…oh, sorry, no bitterness there. 

Like I was saying – I get to be on the opposite end of all of this and it sucks ass!  All I have to show for 1 night of volleyball was a really sore body the next day…and my advice if you all decide to pick up a sport that you haven’t played in 2 years…don’t sleep in the middle of the bed.  It makes for an interesting and difficult time getting up the next morning.

So tomorrow – my game better be on.   

I know that those of you who know me quite well are wondering why I decided to go back to a sport that has not been kind to me (3 knee surgeries)…well, when you are in a new town and don’t know anyone or anything about the town – it is good to have some sort of familiarity.  Plus, the sport has been quite kind to me and if it wasn’t for volleyball, I wouldn’t have met half of the people I know. 

I did the whole rowing thing and thought about some other activities that would get me out and about and meeting people.  I came back to volleyball because I figured this is where I met all my old friends…it may be a good place to meet some new.  Plus it is nice doing something you know how to do and the only thing that you have to get over is your lack of vertical after not playing for 2 years….I’ll take that over having to learn something completely new and meeting completely new people at the same time. 

I’ll keep you informed on my ‘tryout’….schizha

Other news – we decided that we were not going to change abodes quite yet because we don’t know where we are going to be.  Even though I absolutely hate the place we live in…we made the smart decision to stay put and not spend money to move when we may not be here for another full year.  So – I ended up painting.  Totally should have done this when we moved in.  I just painted the living room as I don’t have the energy to paint the entire space when I know I will have to put it back to white anyway when we move.  Just doing the living room has made a HUGE difference.  It is so much more pleasant to come home.  No one should have to live with white walls!

We are hoping that Dodo is hired on by the school here, which I think he has a really good chance of it is just hoping the timing is right.  They have a lot of low-time pilots that they will be hiring and Dodo may be at the end of this group by the time he is done.  Which actually totally sucks…he could have been almost done and putting in an application if it wasn’t for the fact that we had to apply for another fucking loan which ended up taking longer than we anticipated.  Hopefully it all works out because I really like my job…and I like my living room now.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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One Comment on “What?”

  1. sarah Says:

    So, are you on the team?
    Did Dodo get hired on?
    Who shot JR??

    It’s like a f-ing Dallas cliffhanger here. Fill us in!

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