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A Week in Review

21 September, 2007

I turned 28 and 60 months…

The flying Dodo passed his CFI checkride the same day…

I am going to a trunk show tonight…a SHOE trunk show for this designer out of Chicago….

And I have downloaded pics of my cousin’s reception up in Seattle in July.  We set out for the weekend to Seattle when my Momma was in town…enjoy these…My cousin Kori’s kid could be mine…although she has the same personality as Kori – both adorable.  Seriously this kid is great – a handful – but great.  Lindsey’s new MIL made home-made chocolates and Parker went around eating ALL of them.  I’m surprised the kid didn’t go into shock. 

This reception was a blast.  It was great to see my cousin’s again since we spent so much time as kids together.  I just love the both of the dearly.  Lindsey did a fabulous job designing the reception and she did everything “green”.  They recycled dishes and linens from the 2nd hand stores and hung lights around and had old Mason jars with candles in them.  We had a TERRIFIC and utterly orally orgasmic dinner made by her MIL.  They purchased the salmon at the market that morning and all of the other great fresh veggies.  They even had local wine and cheeses and breads.  It all just reminded me of what it was like going to there house – very relaxing and you knew you were going to have a grand time.

Enjoy the pics.


Wednesday – The Rose Edition

18 September, 2007

I hope you enjoy and it brightens your day…These were taken by me while at the Portland International Testing Rose Garden with my Mom in August.  Just one of the many beautiful things here in Portland (besides myself of course).  I hope you check out their website – it is really interesting how they got their start.  During WWII people (international) started sending seeds from their native roses and their personal gardens so that they were not destroyed during the bombings. 

When you arrive you can park close down by the garden but I always take the higher road so I have to walk down.  On certain days – and especially this one – you can smell the roses from far away.  It just makes you smile and relax a bit while you walk down to take a look – they just intice you the whole way.

Many of these make me want to just swim in cashmere…


I love this next one!  The way it pops on the outer edges…this is how it looked.  I kept taking pictures because I thought something was wrong with my settings and I was letting in too much light but it wasn’t that…It just took all of the sunlight and actually shined…totally cool.

This next one reminds me of petticoats…they look like they should be twirling…

This is calming…

This one below just makes me smile and want a sweetart…

This next one shows only 2 rows of the hundreds of different roses they have. 

This next one makes you want to give someone a hug…

Our newest additions – Birthday Edition

17 September, 2007

So, even though I must go through 1 more day until my birthday…the sweet hubby Dodo gave me my birthday gift…


Pre-fish Look

The Brain Rock

We found this when we got engaged in a certain park…it was lying in Phantom Lake…which has no water.  We think that it is fossilized coral.  Pretty frickin’ cool in the tank.  Hopefully nothing starts growing out of it – it is very science fiction thriller looking.

I was cleaning a fish tank that we salvaged and I suggested that getting me fish and the goodies to go in the tank would be a great birthday gift…unfortunately, he said that he did have an idea of what he wanted to get me but hadn’t purchased it yet…but if I wanted fish – I would get fish for my birthday.  I’m not quite sure if I screwed myself out of something better than fish.  Although, these fish rock.

 Oh – I also got some snails. They rock too.  I haven’t named them yet.

Two of them decided to climb some of the “bushes” that I put in there..then they climbed each other – do you think they know they are asexual?

First up is Mick and Keith…not to be confused with my Aunt and Uncle of same names…We named the yellow Mick Jagger because he has some big honkin’ lips and we named the black and white speckled one Keith Richards – well, because you can’t have Mick without Keith (and that statement can actually be confused with my Aunt and Uncle).

This is Mick – Keith is was unavailable for photos…

Next comes the 3 Steves (again not to be confused with Dodo’s Uncle – we had the 3 Bobs but decided that Steve was a younger sounding name (brownie points for us))- Tetras – purchased for their bright blue and red color.

Sweettarts are next  – 2 pinks and 1 yellow.  They are spastic.

These are the pinks…

Last but not least we have Shift – He can change colors…that is cool. (He/she is in the above photo with the two Pink Sweettarts.

The funniest thing so far was when I turned out the light.  They all FREAKED.  I felt so bad I turned it back on. 

So – the cool thing that we did recently was take a hike in Washington park…which I told you about earlier.  Here are some pics from the fun…

 Here is the Maggie B – she wasn’t feeling very well and wanted to be on me for 2 days straight…she’s better now.  I hate it when she is sick, but boy is she cute and lovey when she is…

She laid like this for about an hour while I played on the computer.

Here is when she was feeling better and we were making the bed….

I’ll have more pics tomorrow – I’m tired of waiting for them to download…


4 September, 2007

Don’t you hate it when you have one of those dreams you just can’t shake?  Well, I had one last night and am still working on getting it out of my head.  I’m a bit nervous to fall asleep tonight…hopefully my head will make up for the insanity felt all day and give me one of those blissfull “was that my husband?” kind of dreams….

Fall is almost upon us and I don’t know about you guys out in the midwest but here in the Pacific NW you can tell that you are losing 4 minutes of daylight a day.  It’s always taken a little bit for me to notice the disappearance of light but I can tell it here!  Now the true test begins – can I survive another rainy winter??  I’m wondering if it gets older faster?

Well – this is enough for today.  I managed to get weather and an insinuation of sex into one blog…I wonder what I can put together for tomorrow?

Labor Day

3 September, 2007

Happy Labor Day everyone…and what are you doing today?  I, am working…apparently I have some bigwigs coming into next week from Germany…and I have to get my schtuff together.  Besides, what are laptops for?

Well, SaRah was wondering whether or not I made the team…and yes, at 32 years of age, I still have what it takes to play competitive volleyball!  Actually, I made 2 teams.  One is a co-ed and the other is a women’s team.  I’m excited.  I’m stocking up on ibuprofen!

Dodo is out flying today – totally wish I could have gone with him.  The weather is beautiful and it would be a great day for a flight…but alas…my laptop beckons my name.  He will be taking his check-ride for his CFI here in a couple of weeks.  Then it is a couple 3 weeks of CFII – check ride for that one and then hopefully an interview and employment at the school!  So we have another month or so to wait it out and see.

 We are heading out to go camping here in a couple of weeks for my birthday.  I am looking forward to it.  We bought a tent several months ago but have yet to use it.  The hardest part is deciding where to go…there are way too many choices! Do we do the coast and the mountains – or do we go inland and the mountains.  How far do we drive??  It is crazy how much there is to do around here…