Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone…and what are you doing today?  I, am working…apparently I have some bigwigs coming into next week from Germany…and I have to get my schtuff together.  Besides, what are laptops for?

Well, SaRah was wondering whether or not I made the team…and yes, at 32 years of age, I still have what it takes to play competitive volleyball!  Actually, I made 2 teams.  One is a co-ed and the other is a women’s team.  I’m excited.  I’m stocking up on ibuprofen!

Dodo is out flying today – totally wish I could have gone with him.  The weather is beautiful and it would be a great day for a flight…but alas…my laptop beckons my name.  He will be taking his check-ride for his CFI here in a couple of weeks.  Then it is a couple 3 weeks of CFII – check ride for that one and then hopefully an interview and employment at the school!  So we have another month or so to wait it out and see.

 We are heading out to go camping here in a couple of weeks for my birthday.  I am looking forward to it.  We bought a tent several months ago but have yet to use it.  The hardest part is deciding where to go…there are way too many choices! Do we do the coast and the mountains – or do we go inland and the mountains.  How far do we drive??  It is crazy how much there is to do around here…

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