Our newest additions – Birthday Edition

So, even though I must go through 1 more day until my birthday…the sweet hubby Dodo gave me my birthday gift…


Pre-fish Look

The Brain Rock

We found this when we got engaged in a certain park…it was lying in Phantom Lake…which has no water.  We think that it is fossilized coral.  Pretty frickin’ cool in the tank.  Hopefully nothing starts growing out of it – it is very science fiction thriller looking.

I was cleaning a fish tank that we salvaged and I suggested that getting me fish and the goodies to go in the tank would be a great birthday gift…unfortunately, he said that he did have an idea of what he wanted to get me but hadn’t purchased it yet…but if I wanted fish – I would get fish for my birthday.  I’m not quite sure if I screwed myself out of something better than fish.  Although, these fish rock.

 Oh – I also got some snails. They rock too.  I haven’t named them yet.

Two of them decided to climb some of the “bushes” that I put in there..then they climbed each other – do you think they know they are asexual?

First up is Mick and Keith…not to be confused with my Aunt and Uncle of same names…We named the yellow Mick Jagger because he has some big honkin’ lips and we named the black and white speckled one Keith Richards – well, because you can’t have Mick without Keith (and that statement can actually be confused with my Aunt and Uncle).

This is Mick – Keith is was unavailable for photos…

Next comes the 3 Steves (again not to be confused with Dodo’s Uncle – we had the 3 Bobs but decided that Steve was a younger sounding name (brownie points for us))- Tetras – purchased for their bright blue and red color.

Sweettarts are next  – 2 pinks and 1 yellow.  They are spastic.

These are the pinks…

Last but not least we have Shift – He can change colors…that is cool. (He/she is in the above photo with the two Pink Sweettarts.

The funniest thing so far was when I turned out the light.  They all FREAKED.  I felt so bad I turned it back on. 

So – the cool thing that we did recently was take a hike in Washington park…which I told you about earlier.  Here are some pics from the fun…

 Here is the Maggie B – she wasn’t feeling very well and wanted to be on me for 2 days straight…she’s better now.  I hate it when she is sick, but boy is she cute and lovey when she is…

She laid like this for about an hour while I played on the computer.

Here is when she was feeling better and we were making the bed….

I’ll have more pics tomorrow – I’m tired of waiting for them to download…

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