Wednesday – The Rose Edition

I hope you enjoy and it brightens your day…These were taken by me while at the Portland International Testing Rose Garden with my Mom in August.  Just one of the many beautiful things here in Portland (besides myself of course).  I hope you check out their website – it is really interesting how they got their start.  During WWII people (international) started sending seeds from their native roses and their personal gardens so that they were not destroyed during the bombings. 

When you arrive you can park close down by the garden but I always take the higher road so I have to walk down.  On certain days – and especially this one – you can smell the roses from far away.  It just makes you smile and relax a bit while you walk down to take a look – they just intice you the whole way.

Many of these make me want to just swim in cashmere…


I love this next one!  The way it pops on the outer edges…this is how it looked.  I kept taking pictures because I thought something was wrong with my settings and I was letting in too much light but it wasn’t that…It just took all of the sunlight and actually shined…totally cool.

This next one reminds me of petticoats…they look like they should be twirling…

This is calming…

This one below just makes me smile and want a sweetart…

This next one shows only 2 rows of the hundreds of different roses they have. 

This next one makes you want to give someone a hug…

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