A Week in Review

I turned 28 and 60 months…

The flying Dodo passed his CFI checkride the same day…

I am going to a trunk show tonight…a SHOE trunk show for this designer out of Chicago….

And I have downloaded pics of my cousin’s reception up in Seattle in July.  We set out for the weekend to Seattle when my Momma was in town…enjoy these…My cousin Kori’s kid could be mine…although she has the same personality as Kori – both adorable.  Seriously this kid is great – a handful – but great.  Lindsey’s new MIL made home-made chocolates and Parker went around eating ALL of them.  I’m surprised the kid didn’t go into shock. 

This reception was a blast.  It was great to see my cousin’s again since we spent so much time as kids together.  I just love the both of the dearly.  Lindsey did a fabulous job designing the reception and she did everything “green”.  They recycled dishes and linens from the 2nd hand stores and hung lights around and had old Mason jars with candles in them.  We had a TERRIFIC and utterly orally orgasmic dinner made by her MIL.  They purchased the salmon at the market that morning and all of the other great fresh veggies.  They even had local wine and cheeses and breads.  It all just reminded me of what it was like going to there house – very relaxing and you knew you were going to have a grand time.

Enjoy the pics.

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