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A bundle

27 February, 2008

A bundle of news to report after several months of not writing….

1. Dodo is now a flight instructor and loves it and is working way too many hours and we never get to see each other much anymore and this is especially disheartening because of #2

2. We are pregnant.  Excited, overjoyed, can’t stop smiling pregnant!  It has taken us more time that I would have liked to get knocked up but we are here now so I will take whatever I get! 

I am through my 1st trimester and due September 9th…My family for some reason really likes the September birthdays.  It balances out the April birthdays that I have to celebrate with all of my friends…and Dodo.

I’m already getting big and over the past weekend the belly has definitely gotten harder higher up.  Before I felt like I was just faking the whole thing because it just looked like I had a fat pooch and that was it.  Now – I’m rounding out a little so it is making things seem much more real.  It all is very cool and each day definitely brings something new with it. 

So with that news I guess I need to keep this updated and actually post the pictures that I have been promising in the past as well as post the belly progression. 

I promise…by this weekend I will have downloaded the pictures that I want and will have them available for all to see….