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It is spring…

30 March, 2008

So I thought I would catch up and post some pics of Christimas at our house this 2007.

Our Christmas Panda:

Christmas Panda


Christmas Morning with the Maggie B.


Dodo and I standing inside a tree…



Where is Dodo in the next picture…


 If you ever have a chance to get to the Redwoods – definitely do.  They are fantastic and absolutely spectacular.  Worth going!


We have to pay to have a friend…

19 March, 2008

So – with this whole giving birth thing we decided to hire a doula to support us in getting this child into the world.  I kind of think of it as having to hire a friend – but one who will not get mad at you if you yell at her or mouth off and one who will do exactly what you want her to do…all in all – well spent money.  Plus being out here by ourselves with no one I would trust to see me in all my maternal gorry…uhh glory…we need someone to help us down the road a bit.

Now here are some pictures that I wasn’t promising in earlier posts…..     

Here is our little babe showing off her gorgeous profile that she gets from my side of the family:


Next is the babe showing off the stellar legs (knobby knees and all) along with her BIG FEET!  My lord the child has big feet.  In these pictures she measured 8 3/4 cm and her feet were 1 cm alone. 


And now we get to the part where we tell you that we are not having a baby – we have spawned an alien….and it is waving at you….


We had a great experience during this ultrasound.  Totally cool – she was sleeping at first and then woke up with all the prodding and soundwaves being bounced her way.  Rolled over and gave us an alien shot while waving and then rolled back over and hung out kicking.  She would at times bring her hand to her face and then her head would kind of jerk back like she was surprised something was there.  It was just an incredible experience. 

This whole being pregnant thing is really quite nice.  I love it.  I think thought that I will be one of those people who are really glad the baby is here once she arrives but will always miss the time she had in the belly with me.  Sometimes I wake up in the morning and feel “really pregnant” and other mornings I wonder if I just haven’t gained weight in one particular area.  It is real and then it isn’t. 

In other non-pregnancy non-baby related topics – Dodo is really enjoying teaching.  Loves it – is challenging – all in all great.  I could really see him (and currently see him) as a good instructor.  It is just really cool.  I’m hoping to get back out there for a flight here soon because I am needing it – I tell ya – come visit us and I’ll pay for your helicopter flight!  It is so damn relaxing.  I would rather do an hour flight than go and get a massage – granted the flight is a bit more expensive but the relaxation last so much longer than a massage.  So get your butts out here and come fly with us…