So – someone (Sa Rah) wanted some belly pics…so here they are:

This is from about 4 weeks ago (possibly longer) I can’t remember….

The next ones are at 18.5 weeks….

This is the “your taking a picture of me” pic

Now for the cuter (i.e. Normal) one…

So yes the belly has introduced itself.  Totally cool and totally weird.  There are some moments where I’ll feel completely hard around the belly and other moments where I wonder if anything is actually there because it is so soft…Having 4 months to go I am under the impression (with the ever expanding and rapidly expanding belly) that I will be one of those pregnant women who get frickin’ huge.  I’ve had more than 1 person ask me if I am having twins…Shit – am I THAT big…and then the looks of women’s faces after I tell them I am x-far along…could you please just smile and then gaffe afterwards???  Criminy people.  I am embracing the belly as it took almost 3 years to get this far…Just as long as the belly makes it’s exit soon after Sweet Pea is born.

We have our next ultrasound on May 1st – this is the anatomy one so we will be able to tell the sex (clearer) than the first (second) ultrasound that we had…and hopefully lay to rest my in-laws futile ramblings that it isn’t a girl…It is a girl…

But if it isn’t, well, I’ve already told Dodo that if I burst into tears at the Dr.’s to not be alarmed that I will get over it and come to terms that I will have to parent a boy…not that a boy wouldn’t be wanted (again we’ve tried for a while so whatever I get I’ll take and obviously love).  However, I know that we won’t have to go down this road because I am convinced that we are having a girl!

So here is my latest baby item purchased (actually Granny B purchased it)…It is a Moby and I know that I will fall in love with this thing…actually I already have as we tested it on the cat….The thing is so damn comfortable.  It looks a bit difficult to use but is really comfy on the back and everywhere and you can use it with the kiddo in several different positions.  The cat LOVED it.  She just totally chilled.

Please ignore the hat as I had been wearing a ball cap all day and was still trying to get over being sick and had just woken up from a nap…

Here are some latest Yaya pictures…She just turned 4 last Saturday.  I can NOT believe she is getting bigger.  It still breaks my heart that we are not near her to see her grow…so I’m not saying anything more about it. 

These are of when Dodo was in KC visiting his Momma Dode for her birthday.  He was able to spend a little time with Granny B and Yaya before they took him to the airport.  The panda she has is from when I was in town and we were baby shopping – she was such a good sport that she got a new stuffed animal…and she had to have her own panda since we have our Panda (the cat).

This next one is from when I was there with her – she has her own candle from 5B…and loved it…but it had to go on top of her head…

And here are some shots from “girls” night….

Next is Granny B and Yaya in Granny B’s office…her office rocks by the way…awesome views…

Panda on the belly…

Just chillin’


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4 Comments on “Pictures”

  1. TE Says:

    Wow!! Look at that GLOW! You look awesome and we can’t wait to see you! Lotso Love — D&T

  2. sa rah Says:

    You really do look great. I’m jealous your face is not swollen at all (actually even look thinner from all the morning sickness maybe). And be glad you grow out in front instead of growing wide and actually look preggers. Everyone just assumed I was fat. 😛

  3. Ellen Says:

    I agree with Terra and Sarah – you look amazing! Pregnancy is really flattering for you! You’re hair looks gorgeous too. Thanks for posting all the fun pics. We can’t wait to see you!

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