I got in the shower today and saw in the tub what appeared to be rocks.  I really couldn’t understand why there would be rocks in my tub.  I just stood there staring at this unusual site thinking that maybe the cat knocked over the fountain again and Dodo just threw everything in the tub to make it easy to clean up.  But then I thought that the rocks in the fountain (which is located on the fireplace mantle downstairs – and why if the cat knocked it down would you drag it all the way upstairs just to deposit rocks into the tub) were bigger than the rocks in my tub. 

I finally decided to pick up one of these rocks to see if a) they indeed came from the fountain or b) if they maybe came from one of our plants (we have no rocks in our plants but hey I was trying to think of every plausible explanation).  Upon this closer inspection (a soft squeeze) I realized that these were not rocks…it was poo.

I was very confused. 

The first thought that popped into my head was “what the hell was he thinking?”

The “he” being Dodo. 

I was trying to figure out why he would poo in the tub. 

Did he suddenly have a rectal attack and shoot out small stone size poo like a pellet gun from his butt AND didn’t bother to clean it up?  Did he do an overnight doodoo and dump it in the tub?

Several other scenarios of why Dodo would poo in the tub went through my head.   

I got out of the shower and went to get something to clean it up – all the while thinking of reasons as to why Dodo would poo in the tub. 

I cleaned it up and got back in the shower still trying to figure out why Dodo would poo in the tub.

I then switched gears for a few minutes and proceeded to think that maybe it was the Maggie B, a thought that I quickly dismissed because a) she is old and b) she hates the tub. 

So that made me go back to thinking it was Dodo.

It wasn’t until I was washing my hair that I thought of the Cat.  At this point I couldn’t figure out any reason what-so-ever as to why she would poo in the tub.  I could come up with a hundred and one reasons as to why Dodo WOULD poo in the tub, a hundred and one reasons as to why Maggie B WOULD NOT poo in the tub and only TWO reason why the cat would poo in the tub…

I thought she wanted to use the toilet and a) got confused or b) she wanted to use the toilet but figured the tub was more like her litter box because it was a bit more private (with the shower curtain and all).

I was about to dismiss this possibility, this most likely to happen possibility, this better than most likely to happen possibility when….

I realized that I had shut the spare bedroom door to keep Maggie B out…the spare bedroom that houses the litter box.  The door had been shut for a full day and full night.

I have a very thoughtful Cat.

To recap: I spent 10 minutes thinking of why Dodo would poo in the tub.  1 minute thinking of why Maggie B would never poo in the tub and 30 seconds thinking that the Cat was wanting to teach herself how to use the toilet.

In telling the story to Dodo, I realized that this scenario was very similar to my “Toaster Squirrel”.  The one where I was convinced that a squirrel had suddenly appeared over my toaster and was hopping rabidly about…and all it was was the piece of toast I had put in the toaster 3 minutes earlier.  I was really hoping to owe my confusion to the pregnancy…but since it appears that I tend to think this way normally…well…

Dodo was just glad that I would clean his poo for him. 

I can be thoughtful too.

My two babies that could not possible be the “Poo in the Tub” culprits…



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2 Comments on “Thoughtful”

  1. jdoublep Says:

    but did dodo actually admit to NOT pooing in the tub? or did he seem to just be allowing kitty to take the blame for his random rectal rejects?

  2. dodo Says:

    dodo can neither confirm nor deny the preceding statement. the issue is not the pooing, nor is the identity of the pooer. the issue is the fact that the pooey, upon discovery of the poo, squeezed the poo. obviously she gained some measure of enjoyment from the whole episode, so perhaps she should be THANKING the pooer.
    whomever that may be.

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