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New Beginnings

23 June, 2008

and crazy ideas….

So – I am about 29 weeks along in this pregnancy and tonight is the first night in months that I could not get to sleep.  It is about 1am PST and I’m downstairs with a cup of sleepy preggo tea and the computer.  It isn’t the type of missing sleep where you’ve worked hard all day and just can’t sleep…it’s the fall asleep on the sofa for a couple hours then try and go to bed I can’t sleep type of thing – which always sucks. 

My brain is on overdrive.  We are on a bit of overdrive right now so it is no surprise that my controlling, plan everything nature is stopping my ability to sleep – and the fact that the baby is sitting so low and my bladder can only hold maybe a 1/4 of a teaspoon.  I was tempted to do a headstand tonight just to get him a bit higher and off the bladder…I may do that still in the next few week – I’ll keep you posted if it works out.

Anyway, we are on overdrive.  We have decided to move out to the country.  A friend of mine who I absolutely adore, just finished building a house on top of this mountain down southwest of us.  The view is absolutely incredible.  You are royalty overlooking your subjects.  On a clear day you can see about 100 miles and the coastal range is in view and the entire valley.  She has an unfinished apartment above the detached garage that she has offered out to us free of rent if we build it out.  She isn’t on the property much right now and would like someone out there to watch over things and to help her take care of the place.  She is going through a divorce right now and her soon to be ex is still working on the place….and that’s where it gets interesting.  I spent all Friday afternoon and evening cleaning out the garage and organizing his tools and material that we will be using.  I swear he had five of everything in 12 different spots and only 1 was in working order.  The guy does not keep anything nice.  Doesn’t clean up his tools, puts crap in with good stuff, etc.  Just disturbingly unorganized and a bit trashy.  He has a “burn” pile which we use as a joke right now – if you don’t want something – throw it in the burn pile.  The problem is is that the burn pile is about 40 ft. from the apartment and surrounded by grass, brush, etc.  So we’ll see what else it burns.  Then the back of the garage looks like a white trash dumping ground…where he has also thrown really great wood away or laid it in a pile for mold and mildew to get to.  There is also about 12 bags of cement that were left out on a flat and they have probably been there for about oh ALL OF WINTER (i.e. rainy season).  So those babies aren’t going to be moved anytime soon. 

We are dependant on him to do the hard electrical and plumbing and trying to keep him on task for those things is turning out to be a chore.  He threw us a loop yesterday when he told us that prior to the final electrical inspection PGE had to come out and turn the power on because the inspector quite possibly would like to test the wires….and PGE may take a couple weeks….which we don’t have. So right now it seems the whole thing is hinging on whether or not PGE would like to come out next week and do this so we can do the final inspection on Thurs or Fri.  The guys even had my timeline of activities and schedule of what needed to be done when, etc. and he just managed to tell us yesterday abou this one detail that could quite possibly make or break the whole thing.  This though is apparently typical of the guy – watching him work…holy moly….he spent about 3 hours “designing” the staircase and doing measurements, etc.  The next day when we are out there to finish siding, it is as if he has no plan (which he couldn’t remember where he put it) so we are figuring out everything as we go anyway…which I knew would end up happening.  Although – Saturday we did get a lot done….siding is finished and the runner for a part of the stairs is attached to the building and the runners for the other portion are cut.  The concrete slab is down and looks damn good (this was another step that we didn’t know needed to be done).  All in all it was a productive day.  I was just thinking that the stairs could have been worked on a bit more.  Oh well. 

It isn’t a big space so we are trying to keep it as loft-like as possible.  The only true walls will be the bathroom that extend to the ceiling but the 2 bedrooms will be 3/4 walls.  Most of our stuff will be in storage and we will be living very minimalistic which I’m actually kind of looking forward to.  I look around our place right now and just can’t see why we have half the stuff we do…although I hate the place we are in right now.

If anyone would like to vacation in Oregon over the next few weeks – just let us know….we’ll put you up in the big house on the property and put you to work!  I am actually hoping to get one major working day where several of our friends said they would come out and help and get a bunch of stuff done.  That would be really nice.  We will be out there by August 1st and staying in the big house for a few week possibly.  We have to be out of here ASAP – they decided to raise the rent and now that we have given notice they want us to pay even more for the final month…hahahahaha I say to them.  We have no lease agreement right now (haven’t for 6 months) and they have accepted our payment thus far, binding them to that amount.  Try and fight me on this one stupid management company that raises rent on tenants that are employees as well!  Talk about taking a pay cut!

I don’t think the tea has hit me quite yet but I’ll see if the pillow helps at all.  Hopefully this wasn’t too terribly long but it caught you all up on what we are doing….well, sort of.  Dodo is loving flying of course and working his little butt off.  He takes extremely good care of me and I’m completely amazed that he actually said “yes” to this little idea of building an apartment during my 3rd trimester.  It is definitely nice to have someone who takes the leaps and bounds with you – and all in good stride.  I’m also keeping busy at work and still enjoying it.  I’ve been there for over a year and not bored yet.  The baby is cooking nicely.  He is moving quite a bit now which is a totally awesome feeling and one I am sure I’ll miss.  It was really great to do the 3d shots and just gave you a glimpse of who he is…and seeing him move was incredible.  We are just still trying to prepare for the arrival and trying to get all the stuff we really need.  He does have a crib now…no sheets or mattress but the wooden bars are ready for him.  I suppose we should work on getting that stuff!  I know I”ll probably start freaking about the beginning/mid of August when I realize I’ve completely been wrapped up in this project and have not paid any attention to what I need to get done in order to bring this kid home in some sort of no-chaotic state.  Well, I’ll at least try and pack my bag…

One view from the top of the driveway of the property.  The main house is in the picture.  I’ll get some more pics downloaded – from a clearer day. You are looking directly west in this picture.  There are vineyards below below us…past the property line and orchards on the other side of the road from the house.  Very tranquil.  I want to put a zipline down to the winery and then of course a gondola to get my ass back up the mountain.  Dodo is vying for a helipad…he’ll probably get that first before I get my zipline/gondola.  Our friend who owns the place is a fixed-wing pilot (getting her private)…and those damn pilots always stick together.