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Men have boobies too.

29 July, 2008

So a few weeks ago I found out that my Uncle K has breast cancer – yes, you are reading correctly – he has breast cancer.  And boy do I wish I was there.  Both my Aunt M and Uncle are staying very very positive and doing everything they can from the western side of medicine to the eastern side, which I think is the best thing that they can do.  They have so much support around them which is also great.  The situation just completely sucks.  It sucks but sending out those positive “get rid of the boobie gunk” vibes!

After reading more about male breast cancer – wow.  Not much is out there for men – it kind of sucks.  So many times it goes completely undiagnosed and then it is too late.  People don’t remember that men have boobies too – so to all my male friends and your male friends – YOU HAVE BOOBIES!  CHECK THEM!! 

In other news I also found out that my cousin L (one of Uncle K’s daughters) is expecting a bundle of baby February 14th!  YEA.  Just adding to the brood of our family!

News from our homefront – baby is cookin’ and getting ever so bigger.  I hope he cooks for 5 more weeks and then little babe – you may come join us….just give me a few more weeks of a paycheck!  Hmmmmm – now that I wrote that I’ll go into labor tonight.

And what is the lesson you learned today????



To Pop or Not to Pop….

16 July, 2008

That is the $64,000 belly button question in our household these days….

What do you think?  I have 7 more weeks and it still looks like this:








And I look like this:










Today I was told that I needed to decide when I was going on maternity leave…well, I wasn’t planning on that until the babe came…but they don’t want to pay for me and my temp person at the same time for longer than 2 weeks.  Which – I can understand – Which – I can’t understand why they would be paying all of these other people a gazillion times more than me and worry about maybe 3 or 4 weeks of total time paying 2 of me…This is the first time in a year that I have been pissed with them.  I don’t have any paid maternity leave…I can’t take off too much time and now I am taking the chance that I sit on my ass for 2 weeks waiting for babe to come which takes 2 weeks off the total time that I can afford to take off. 

I guess I should be grateful though that they want me back…especially since I am a contractor.  They could just wish me luck.

I did run into a couple of IT guys that I barage with requests and to do’s on an almost daily basis (or so it sometimes seems) and they asked me when I was leaving – I gave an update and they asked when my replacement was going to be coming on board.  I told them they only want 2 weeks of overlap time and they stopped dead in their tracks.  And then proceeded to go off about how there was no way that this person could get all the information/knowledge from me in 2 weeks….and how crappy their life is going to be when I’m not there.  Coming from two IT guys…and me not being IT…I’ll take that as a compliment. 

How much time did you take off when your babe arrived? 

I’m torn.

A time…

9 July, 2008

When we were living in KC, owned our house, were involved in things…I took great pride in keeping up our house, doing things, not sitting around like a schlep.  Yes – my house got dirty just like the next persons but it felt like a home, it felt comfortable, it felt, well – it felt perfect.

I think I hit upon something profound last night.  For the last year and a half – I’ve been depressed.  Granted, I’ve tried making our place a “home” but the feeling lasts for only a short period of time.  I’ll get the can of paint out – try and make a pleasing atmosphere…it lasts for a day and then I schlep.  I take care of bills, I do the dishes every once in a while, laundry too.  I’ve even been known to plant something in a pot and put it out on the deck.  But all in all – I work long hours – why?  Maybe because I don’t want to come back to this place and feel like I am a visitor, be alone. 

I think both Dodo and I have been feeling the same way for a while.  I’m not sure if it is because we were hoping that things would just be easy – like making friends, the city, etc.  Or because we are completely out of our element and bringing a baby into whatever it is that we do have.  It freaks me out that I feel this way and am scared that once this baby comes – I’ll be even worse.  That scares the shit out of me.  I don’t want to be depressed – I don’t want to feel worse with more of the post-partum depression.  I can’t do it. 

A time has come to make a change. 

I have 8 weeks to flip the mind around – flip the attitude around – flip the whole life.  This baby will not come back to a place where we feel like we are just visiting.  He will come back to a home. 

I am a complete believer in that if I have a messy, unorganized home then something is going on with me.  To me – it signals a problem – it signals a cluttered mind.  If you would take a look back at my life – when things were great – my bedroom was spotless, clothes organized, etc.  When it was crap – you could hardly see my bed.  Unfortunately, that “mind clutter” has seeped into my living room, kitchen, etc.  The clutter has to go – literally and figuratively. 

Each evening after work – not working late if I don’t have to – we are doing something around the house.  We are finishing the baby’s room.  We are actually going to use our kitchen and take the time to cook.  We are going to put things in boxes just to declutter.  We are going to get this space and our mind in a better place. 

A time has come.


7 July, 2008

I’m making myself a t-shirt that I will start wearing to my office on casual Fridays.  Said t-shirt will have the following information:

1. No – I am not carrying twins

2. I’m due in 8 weeks & No, I’m still not carrying twins

3. No – my Dr. does not have the due date wrong – I know when I had sex and conceived – I was on fucking drugs – and it wasn’t pot.

4. I am absolutely positive that I am not carrying twins & No, one is not hiding behind the other because I had a fucking sonogram when I was less than 8 weeks pregnant and they don’t hide behind one another very well when they are that small – you fucking arse.

5. Do you really think that it is a good idea to ask me all these questions on a repeated basis?  Do you really think that it is any of your business to ask me if the Dr. has the date wrong?  Do you think if my Dr. did have the date wrong, they would be 2 months worth in the wrong?  And for your information you are half my height and besides being able to stomp on you with my left toe alone, I, of course, am probably bigger than you were when you were pregnant. 

6. And NO – after asking all these assanine questions – you may not touch my stomach.  What the hell would you want to for anyway?  To make sure that I actually have a baby in there?  Go jump out the window.

Okay – so that might be a little too much to put on one t-shirt….but seriously folks…I have run into a couple ladies recently that are just about where I am at in terms of weeks pregnant and guess what?  We all look about the same size!!! WTF?  Where are people getting their ideas about the “ideal” pregnant size?  Seriously.  I haven’t even gained the said 25-35 pounds yet…I probably won’t top out at 35lbs gained.  Even though I got some curves – I’m all baby. 

I actually don’t really have a problem when people make these comments…I do have a problem however, when the same fucking person makes them over and over and over….although, I do have to give her credit – at least she added a new one (the Dr. and due date one).


It was a tough day.  Felt like I got beat down with one thing or another.  I thankfully have Friday off – although I will be sitting with my laptop at the Dr.’s office for 4 hours taking my wonderful glucose test…and then I’ll have some time to myself and then back to the Doc’s for my regular appointment.  THEN – Dodo and I are going to The Police!  YEA!!!  We got the “cheap” tickets and are meeting a bunch of my co-workers.  Oh – and by the way – I guess I am totally cool that I would go to a concert 8 months pregnant.  Wow – I feel old. (I actually wanted to ask the person that said that if she knew who The Police were…but then I thought I would be dating myself even more and not getting the appropriate dig in that I wanted).


If your not judged by one thing – your judged by another. 


Pics of the sweet pea

6 July, 2008

So a while back we got 3-d photos of the sweet pea.  It was a super cool experience and for the most part he was very cooperative.  Besides the feet in the face hindering our chances for a real clear picture – it was awesome to see him moving around in 3-d. His feet were right in front of his face and his hands were on either side of his face for most of the time…so it made for some pretty interesting pictures…Enjoy

First view:

Sweet cheeks instead of sweet pea:

Very cool pic of his hand and arm – the video was really cool for this portion – we saw him opening and closing his hand (promise to cut the video down and post later):

He did manage to suck on his toes…very limber little boy:

This is a rendition of Munch’s “Scream”:

More sweet cheeks and hands around the face:

We managed to get a lot of the closet in the baby’s room cleaned out this weekend – guess the weekend isn’t quite over…I’ll be working on the rest this afternoon.  I’ve done a ton of laundry to get everything clean and not smelling like plastic or chemicals…criminy the carseat smelled.  I didn’t realize how much I’d be washing – and quite honestly it will probably be the first and only time some of this sees the inside of a washing machine.  I should have just loaded it all up and taken it to the laundromat. 

We did decide on having a Doula which is putting our minds at ease.  I know I won’t regret it especially since I’m going to try the natural way first…but that is all I’ll discuss because too many times people think I’m crazy – whatever.  The whole parenting thing – we’ll make our own decisions thank you – and don’t freak out if they aren’t what you would do.  Sorry – had to get that out without going to much into detail.  Anyway – I’m just excited to see him and hold him. 

In other news – not much.

Apartment Update #2

1 July, 2008

Full stop.  After about a month of having to deal with the soon to be ex of my friend…we too are ex’ing him for good reason and ex’ing the idea of doing the apartment.  It seemed like every day things that needed to be done “first” kept popping up that he hadn’t told us before – which made for our super-productive selves not being too productive for a month.  Actually – we were extremely productive for a month – trying to clean up his mess and organize the materials that we did have that were all over the place because he has no concept of organization, keeping things clean, etc.  We kept trying to push through it all and knew we could get it done but finally came to a cross-road ourselves last night and decided that we were just not going to get the return we wanted (i.e. saving money).  Totally sucks but it is okay.  So we will stay in the Beav for now until Dodo gets a great job and we move out of this place for real.

In other news.  The gestation of our child is going well.  I’m of course getting huge and he is moving like crazy…and it is beginning to look very alien – the belly rolls and punches bag when touched.  It is an awesome experience.  I was in KC several weeks ago to visit and while there my friends and Mom threw a baby shower.  It was great!  It was especially great because I had family in town as well that got to join in on the fun – and get this – they were in town because my Grandparents decided that instead of doing the Bike Across Kansas (BAK) they were doing the week-long Katy Trail ride/race.  My Grandparents people – how much activity do you do in a day?  Can you keep up with 80 year olds?  Biking?  I need to get my ass in gear.

So here are some pics of the fun:

The girls (most of them):







Two girls and a fussy guy (but aren’t they always?)







Me and the soon-to-be Granny B







Another girls pic (this time with Yaya):







The Pruetopians




























My auntie m and cuz k








This weekend I think I will start getting the baby’s room ready…or somewhat ready….how ready can you get?