Apartment Update #2

Full stop.  After about a month of having to deal with the soon to be ex of my friend…we too are ex’ing him for good reason and ex’ing the idea of doing the apartment.  It seemed like every day things that needed to be done “first” kept popping up that he hadn’t told us before – which made for our super-productive selves not being too productive for a month.  Actually – we were extremely productive for a month – trying to clean up his mess and organize the materials that we did have that were all over the place because he has no concept of organization, keeping things clean, etc.  We kept trying to push through it all and knew we could get it done but finally came to a cross-road ourselves last night and decided that we were just not going to get the return we wanted (i.e. saving money).  Totally sucks but it is okay.  So we will stay in the Beav for now until Dodo gets a great job and we move out of this place for real.

In other news.  The gestation of our child is going well.  I’m of course getting huge and he is moving like crazy…and it is beginning to look very alien – the belly rolls and punches bag when touched.  It is an awesome experience.  I was in KC several weeks ago to visit and while there my friends and Mom threw a baby shower.  It was great!  It was especially great because I had family in town as well that got to join in on the fun – and get this – they were in town because my Grandparents decided that instead of doing the Bike Across Kansas (BAK) they were doing the week-long Katy Trail ride/race.  My Grandparents people – how much activity do you do in a day?  Can you keep up with 80 year olds?  Biking?  I need to get my ass in gear.

So here are some pics of the fun:

The girls (most of them):







Two girls and a fussy guy (but aren’t they always?)







Me and the soon-to-be Granny B







Another girls pic (this time with Yaya):







The Pruetopians




























My auntie m and cuz k








This weekend I think I will start getting the baby’s room ready…or somewhat ready….how ready can you get? 


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