Pics of the sweet pea

So a while back we got 3-d photos of the sweet pea.  It was a super cool experience and for the most part he was very cooperative.  Besides the feet in the face hindering our chances for a real clear picture – it was awesome to see him moving around in 3-d. His feet were right in front of his face and his hands were on either side of his face for most of the time…so it made for some pretty interesting pictures…Enjoy

First view:

Sweet cheeks instead of sweet pea:

Very cool pic of his hand and arm – the video was really cool for this portion – we saw him opening and closing his hand (promise to cut the video down and post later):

He did manage to suck on his toes…very limber little boy:

This is a rendition of Munch’s “Scream”:

More sweet cheeks and hands around the face:

We managed to get a lot of the closet in the baby’s room cleaned out this weekend – guess the weekend isn’t quite over…I’ll be working on the rest this afternoon.  I’ve done a ton of laundry to get everything clean and not smelling like plastic or chemicals…criminy the carseat smelled.  I didn’t realize how much I’d be washing – and quite honestly it will probably be the first and only time some of this sees the inside of a washing machine.  I should have just loaded it all up and taken it to the laundromat. 

We did decide on having a Doula which is putting our minds at ease.  I know I won’t regret it especially since I’m going to try the natural way first…but that is all I’ll discuss because too many times people think I’m crazy – whatever.  The whole parenting thing – we’ll make our own decisions thank you – and don’t freak out if they aren’t what you would do.  Sorry – had to get that out without going to much into detail.  Anyway – I’m just excited to see him and hold him. 

In other news – not much.

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