To Pop or Not to Pop….

That is the $64,000 belly button question in our household these days….

What do you think?  I have 7 more weeks and it still looks like this:








And I look like this:










Today I was told that I needed to decide when I was going on maternity leave…well, I wasn’t planning on that until the babe came…but they don’t want to pay for me and my temp person at the same time for longer than 2 weeks.  Which – I can understand – Which – I can’t understand why they would be paying all of these other people a gazillion times more than me and worry about maybe 3 or 4 weeks of total time paying 2 of me…This is the first time in a year that I have been pissed with them.  I don’t have any paid maternity leave…I can’t take off too much time and now I am taking the chance that I sit on my ass for 2 weeks waiting for babe to come which takes 2 weeks off the total time that I can afford to take off. 

I guess I should be grateful though that they want me back…especially since I am a contractor.  They could just wish me luck.

I did run into a couple of IT guys that I barage with requests and to do’s on an almost daily basis (or so it sometimes seems) and they asked me when I was leaving – I gave an update and they asked when my replacement was going to be coming on board.  I told them they only want 2 weeks of overlap time and they stopped dead in their tracks.  And then proceeded to go off about how there was no way that this person could get all the information/knowledge from me in 2 weeks….and how crappy their life is going to be when I’m not there.  Coming from two IT guys…and me not being IT…I’ll take that as a compliment. 

How much time did you take off when your babe arrived? 

I’m torn.

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2 Comments on “To Pop or Not to Pop….”

  1. sa rah Says:

    sounds like they’re asking you to induce. that’s about the only way you can really decide what would be your last day. i’m curious if that’s actually ok to do. i know the rules are different for contract workers.
    i worked from home till the day i started contracting. maybe you could arrange half days from home? it’s your first baby, so heh, theoretically, you’ll know in plenty of time before you’re in acute labor. 🙂 but you know all this.

  2. javagirl Says:

    Because I am a contractor I don’t have much choice. It basically comes down to the co is cheap and doesn’t want to pay for 2 people – even if I worked part time from home. It kind of sucks but I think that I’ll be ready come Sept. 1st to just be home!

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