Men have boobies too.

So a few weeks ago I found out that my Uncle K has breast cancer – yes, you are reading correctly – he has breast cancer.  And boy do I wish I was there.  Both my Aunt M and Uncle are staying very very positive and doing everything they can from the western side of medicine to the eastern side, which I think is the best thing that they can do.  They have so much support around them which is also great.  The situation just completely sucks.  It sucks but sending out those positive “get rid of the boobie gunk” vibes!

After reading more about male breast cancer – wow.  Not much is out there for men – it kind of sucks.  So many times it goes completely undiagnosed and then it is too late.  People don’t remember that men have boobies too – so to all my male friends and your male friends – YOU HAVE BOOBIES!  CHECK THEM!! 

In other news I also found out that my cousin L (one of Uncle K’s daughters) is expecting a bundle of baby February 14th!  YEA.  Just adding to the brood of our family!

News from our homefront – baby is cookin’ and getting ever so bigger.  I hope he cooks for 5 more weeks and then little babe – you may come join us….just give me a few more weeks of a paycheck!  Hmmmmm – now that I wrote that I’ll go into labor tonight.

And what is the lesson you learned today????


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2 Comments on “Men have boobies too.”

  1. sa rah Says:

    yes, I know. I check Jay’s regularly.

    (see, and wives can make crass boobies jokes too!)

  2. javagirl Says:

    Dodo won’t let me check his.

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