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2:22 am

30 August, 2008

and I am awake.  Wide awake.  Restless. Weird dreams.

I haven’t had weird dreams in months.  Anyone who knows me knows I typically always have weird dreams. Very weird dreams – on a constant basis.  Ever since I got pregnant – dreams stopped.  Now they are starting back up again.

I scheduled an accupuncture appointment for Tuesday.  The Dr. said to feel free starting September to do any accupuncture treatments to get things moving along.  That is all I really want.  I think I need to release some tension, some aprehension and then things will be under way.   Not a true induction by accupuncture but hell – it has been years since I’ve had accupuncture done and I miss it – so this will be a treat.

I’m going to go lie on the sofa, watch some 2am morning tv…and get it in my head that I don’t have to be back to work for 3 months.



29 August, 2008

Is not one of my virtues. 

I have been dialated to 1cm for, well, forever since they checked the first time…so about 3 weeks.  Nothing is happening.

My last day at work was today.  I would really like for the little bugger to join us in the world as soon as possible. 

Then I feel guilty and don’t want to be a rushy rush mother.

What the hell am I going to do with myself at home – not working?

2 in one day…

24 August, 2008

Someone searched “penis on copy machine” and my blog popped up.

I don’t think I’ve written about peni and copy machines….

But now – I’m going to get a lot of hits….

Complaints and why I procrastinate and when is the babe coming?

24 August, 2008

So in 2004 my car was paid off.  In 2004 I went to the KS DMV to get tags for my car and they of course needed the original title which I never received from Chrysler Financial who held my lein.  I remember spending approximately 3 hours at the DMV calling Chrysler Financial along with a very nice woman (who I had gone to school with) trying to get this figured out and getting Chrysler a fax number to send the cleared title to.  My tags were issued and I went on my merry way. 

Now on to 2005 – renewal of tags.  I go to get my sticker renewal…they never received my title the year prior from Chrysler Financial.  We can Chrysler again – again give them a fax number – again they apparently sent it over.

2006 – Tags in Missouri.  Show up with a copy of my title from Chrysler Financial – which by the way shows that there is still a lein…it is a copy…I show this to the wonderful DMV state dept. workers and they issue my tags.  I have my maiden name on a copy of a title and my married name on my driver’s license.  They still issue me my tags.

2008 – Driving around the past year with expired 2007 tags from the state of MO.  I know that I am going to have trouble getting new tags, especially after I found out that the car must go thru the DEQ (Dept. of Environmental Quality) here in OR – that this is not a $12 trip to the local gas station so they can turn my lights on and check my air pressure and pass inspection.  No – this is a $30 later trip – which actually turned out to be a $500 inspection due to the fact that I failed (or the car failed) the inspection due to some leak that I had to fix.  Leak fixed and computer reset so my check engine light doesn’t come on anymore – tell me to drive it around for 30 miles prior to the inspection so the computer can run thru all the crap it has to run thru….I do this and show up at the DEQ and my check engine light comes on. I go ahead and get it inspected again and fail for the same reason.  Take it back to the garage – have them reset the computer – drive to the DEQ again (this time I skip the 30 miles of driving) and I pass the inspection. 

One thing down in order to take care of my tags.  Next is the DMV.

Dodo and I go to one that is open on a Saturday – we are excited we have all of our paperwork, etc. and think that we are on our way.  Get to the DMV and a huge sign states that they do not do out-of-state title transfers at that particular location. 


Now I have to take off work in order to get this taken care of…

I leave early today – about 2 months after our first attempt on a Saturday.  Today I left early mainly because I have short-timers disease and I thought I am definitely pushing the limit on my expired tags.  The year is coming up and I don’t think I need to have 2 year old expired tags. 

I have EVERYTHING I need and don’t really worry about not having the original title because you know what?  Kansas and Missouri still gave me tags without one.

NOT SO FREAKING LUCKY IN THIS STATE!  They wouldn’t accept my copy nor could they tell me how I was supposed to get the original since I have been trying that off and on for the past 4 years.  I’m pissed – I come home – I call Chrysler Financial.

The woman on the phone tells me that I have to contact the state of KS for my original title. ?????  I tell her that the car was last titled in Missouri (well – who the hell knows since I don’t think I ever got anything from them either).  I ask her if she is sure and explain the situation again, etc. and go through my speal…she puts me on hold then hangs up on me.

I call back and get someone else that has now told me that THEY WILL CONTACT THE STATE OF KS and get my original title and then send to me. 

I’m not holding my breath.

The same thing happened last night when I called Dish Network regarding the  discounts I should have had on my last bill and the fact that I was to get 3 months free HBO and Starz and they then charged me for it all on my most recent bill. I short-paid the last bill – actually I paid what they told me to pay on the last bill not what was actually invoiced…after spending about 30 minutes on the phone trying to get this sorted out I was hung up on.  Probably due to the fact that I told the girl on the line to get out a calculator – suggesting that she maybe look at the damn bill and think for herself versus a line that they give her to say…

08-24-08: I started this post 3 days ago…we have finally squared things away with Dish…

Where have the good workers gone?  Where has customer service gone?  Where are all the smart people?

I would just really like to deal with an intelligent person that goes out of their way to help me and figure things out with me – not for me – but work with me people. 

Anyway – this is turning into a very long post….

We went bowling last night…yes – 38 weeks pregnant and I bowled.  I did quite well and we had a great time.  At least I got over a 100.  It was really quite fun – a bunch of co-workers (German mainly) and many many of them had never bowled before.  How awesome is that.  It was pretty funny watching all of them…and one guy on our team who had never bowled before ended up kicking our butts the first game. 

Then yesterday Dodo and I ran errands – got the Maggie B’s nails clipped, carseat installed and inspected and then met some friends out for a round of frisbee golf.  Yes – 38 weeks pregnant and played a round of frisbee golf.  Then I couldn’t sleep last night, was hot, was uncomfortable and my hips and sacrum feel like they are going to explode.  That has been going on for a while.  My ass goes numb and this kid is sitting and has been sitting way low.  I don’t think he has dropped yet – can’t wait for that to happen – my legs already feel as if they are detached. 

I’m cleaning and doing laundry today which isn’t helping the back thing out at all…but I want to get this stuff done!  Otherwise I think we are pretty prepared for the babe to come at any time.  We’ve been telling him that it would be perfectly fine to come whenever. 

I don’t think he is listening. 

Maybe a few more bowling parties and rounds of frisbee golf….

Days….at the beach….waiting for baby….etc….

18 August, 2008

First – here are some pics of the Dodo Fam at the beach and in the air…

Co in tow below with his totally cool shark kite – and you should have seen his little hands clenched tight around the handle









Big bro (to Dodo) and his Co in tow…sand castelling it…

Dodo, Me and Baby Belly in front of one of the world’s largest monoliths (that wasn’t me)…..

Belly/Monolith shot….do you guys ever tire of seeing this damn rock?  Obviously if you come out to visit us we will take you there as well.  It is our obligatory monolith trip….oh – by the way – this was taken August 2nd…and note I am wearing a scarf and sweatshirt…it does stay cool out here in the Pacific Northwest…just an fyi to all who visit…

J getting ready for her ride…and the Dodo bros…and Co in tow

Uncle Dodo and Co in tow checking things out….

Yes – a 35 week pregnant woman can fit into an R-22…and be told by her nephew that she can’t fit…the “finger” is due to everyone outside the helicopter laughing at the fact that a 35 week preggo was told by her nephew she was too big to fit…

J and Co in tow checking things out

About 3 weeks or 26 days…

14 August, 2008

Which one sounds better?  I think the “about 3 weeks”.  The whole 26 days thing…hell no.  Sounds way way way too long…

So obviously the count down is on. However, I don’t really see too much of the count down thing happening in my brain.  I’m only reminded by everyone around me when they say to me “your in the home-stretch” or “won’t be long” while they hold their breath when they say it and have this look of anticipation as if they are the ones going to give birth…I think that is why I am pretty much in the mind-set of “ya – gettin’ closer for sure but not stressing about it”.  Some days I feel great – other days I don’t.

I’ve been putting 10-12 hour days in and it totally has kicked my butt.  I finally said screw it and slept in today and will be taking the afternoon off to go to my Dr. appointment tomorrow.  Playing catch-up and mainly because I am training my replacement and trying to do a “knowledge transfer”. Criminy – I don’t work that way.  Half the stuff I do and how I do it I have stashed up in my brain…and half my job is trying to figure out how to work through problems – I don’t have answers – I have solutions.  So I hope she is smart enough to figure out the solutions.

Okay – so if this kid decides to come early…so be it.  I will not complain.  Disregard above paragraph….

Over the last 2 months we have been busy with houseguests…

It was awesome though that JC & Co in tow came out to visit.  Nice to have family here.  And we had a ton of fun.  Dodo was able to take his brother up for a flight and actually gave him controls and taught him how to fly and also gave J a flight as well.  Co in tow was able to sit in a helicopter and push every flippin’ button and ask what it did WHILE Dodo did the pre-flight.  That is when I decided I’d go ahead and get in the helicopter with him so I could stop him from pushing absolutely everything…and let me tell you – at 8 + months pregnant – it is hard, very hard to get into an R-22 and harder to stay sitting in an R-22.  Co in tow at one point looked at me and told me I was too big to be in the helicopter with him…little shit.   I’ll remember that one…and I will also remember the people that were outside of the helicopter laughing about this comment….you will pay dearly.  I knew I shouldn’t have yelled at Dodo for teaching him gang signs….