About 3 weeks or 26 days…

Which one sounds better?  I think the “about 3 weeks”.  The whole 26 days thing…hell no.  Sounds way way way too long…

So obviously the count down is on. However, I don’t really see too much of the count down thing happening in my brain.  I’m only reminded by everyone around me when they say to me “your in the home-stretch” or “won’t be long” while they hold their breath when they say it and have this look of anticipation as if they are the ones going to give birth…I think that is why I am pretty much in the mind-set of “ya – gettin’ closer for sure but not stressing about it”.  Some days I feel great – other days I don’t.

I’ve been putting 10-12 hour days in and it totally has kicked my butt.  I finally said screw it and slept in today and will be taking the afternoon off to go to my Dr. appointment tomorrow.  Playing catch-up and mainly because I am training my replacement and trying to do a “knowledge transfer”. Criminy – I don’t work that way.  Half the stuff I do and how I do it I have stashed up in my brain…and half my job is trying to figure out how to work through problems – I don’t have answers – I have solutions.  So I hope she is smart enough to figure out the solutions.

Okay – so if this kid decides to come early…so be it.  I will not complain.  Disregard above paragraph….

Over the last 2 months we have been busy with houseguests…

It was awesome though that JC & Co in tow came out to visit.  Nice to have family here.  And we had a ton of fun.  Dodo was able to take his brother up for a flight and actually gave him controls and taught him how to fly and also gave J a flight as well.  Co in tow was able to sit in a helicopter and push every flippin’ button and ask what it did WHILE Dodo did the pre-flight.  That is when I decided I’d go ahead and get in the helicopter with him so I could stop him from pushing absolutely everything…and let me tell you – at 8 + months pregnant – it is hard, very hard to get into an R-22 and harder to stay sitting in an R-22.  Co in tow at one point looked at me and told me I was too big to be in the helicopter with him…little shit.   I’ll remember that one…and I will also remember the people that were outside of the helicopter laughing about this comment….you will pay dearly.  I knew I shouldn’t have yelled at Dodo for teaching him gang signs….

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2 Comments on “About 3 weeks or 26 days…”

  1. sa rah Says:

    can we just meet this little nugget already?? i’m excited. he needs to get here. i’m preaching to the choir, i realize this.

  2. javagirl Says:

    Read the most recent post. I’m trying. I’m not sure what more to do….

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