Days….at the beach….waiting for baby….etc….

First – here are some pics of the Dodo Fam at the beach and in the air…

Co in tow below with his totally cool shark kite – and you should have seen his little hands clenched tight around the handle









Big bro (to Dodo) and his Co in tow…sand castelling it…

Dodo, Me and Baby Belly in front of one of the world’s largest monoliths (that wasn’t me)…..

Belly/Monolith shot….do you guys ever tire of seeing this damn rock?  Obviously if you come out to visit us we will take you there as well.  It is our obligatory monolith trip….oh – by the way – this was taken August 2nd…and note I am wearing a scarf and sweatshirt…it does stay cool out here in the Pacific Northwest…just an fyi to all who visit…

J getting ready for her ride…and the Dodo bros…and Co in tow

Uncle Dodo and Co in tow checking things out….

Yes – a 35 week pregnant woman can fit into an R-22…and be told by her nephew that she can’t fit…the “finger” is due to everyone outside the helicopter laughing at the fact that a 35 week preggo was told by her nephew she was too big to fit…

J and Co in tow checking things out

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One Comment on “Days….at the beach….waiting for baby….etc….”

  1. TE Says:

    Hooey to them! You look great girl and you’re going to be on time so you can enjoy every minute of it! So sorry we’re missing all of this fun!

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