Is not one of my virtues. 

I have been dialated to 1cm for, well, forever since they checked the first time…so about 3 weeks.  Nothing is happening.

My last day at work was today.  I would really like for the little bugger to join us in the world as soon as possible. 

Then I feel guilty and don’t want to be a rushy rush mother.

What the hell am I going to do with myself at home – not working?

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One Comment on “Patience…”

  1. sa rah Says:

    hmm. stuff i don’t have time for, or time to reeeeally enjoy anymore:

    a poo.
    a bubble bath with extra special bath yummies from Lush.
    a cup of tea.
    reading while pooing.
    an extended house cleaning jag.
    shopping for cute shoes and jewelry.
    getting lost at the magazine stand for an hour.
    being able to disappear without telling anyone where i’m going or when i’ll be back.

    please do try any of the above and enjoy.
    and don’t feel guilty yet, rushy rushy! there’ll be plenty of random guilt in good time. 🙂

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